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Trixie Mattel Makes ACL Fest “Scream Like Teenage Bisexuals”

By Clara Wang, October 11, 2021, 11:00am, Earache!

As RuPaul says, “We’re all born naked, and the rest is drag.” 32-year-old Brian Firkus was born a shy, brunette boy from Milwaukee and the onstage persona of comedian and musician Trixie Mattel is padding, sky-high blonde wigs, and a whole lot of talent.

Strutting onstage to thunderous applause, Trixie whipped off her cotton-candy pink and blue cape to reveal a sparkly dress underneath, before pulling that off to show off a sequined, corseted leotard cinched for the gods. Her guitarist and bassist were dressed in matching confectionary colors.

“I need you to scream like teenage bisexuals at a Trixie Mattel event!” she called out, before kicking off with a high-energy rendition of “We Got It.”

Unfortunately, the gays who could afford VIP were mostly not of the young, dancing demographic, and the crowd was too packed to really shake it, so we got to see a lot of grey-haired white men do awkward shuffling. The show was a mostly mix of early 2000’s rock covers and jokes about wanting to fuck Jesse Eisenberg, including a song about... wanting to fuck Jesse Eisenberg.

Trixie: “I have a gay friend who does poppers on the toilet when he’s constipated!”

Crowd: “Yeah!”

Trixie: picks up a pink guitar and goes into a quietly moving folk song about the beauty of life, before shaking her tits and singing a cover of Hole’s “Malibu.”

In her trademark deadpan fashion, the RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 3 winner sprinkled some reverse psychology into her encore.

“That was the last song in the set,” she said after “Malibu,” raising an eyebrow.

“And there’s not an encore so don’t even ask. So if you cheer for an encore it won’t happen,” she fluttered her mile-long eyelashes, before picking up her six-string and going into an encore.

Brian Firkus lives in understated flannels and T-shirts. Trixie is a very slutty reincarnation of Dolly Parton who not only paints for the back row, but for the Denny’s down the street. While her fans came to see Trixie, the self-proclaimed “Skinny Legend” was happy to let Brian peek through in brief moments during the show, like the understated way her eyes blink for half a minute, how she takes in the crowd before she starts singing, and her sick, guitar-shredding encore of the Violent Femmes staple “Blister in the Sun.”

“I never thought I’d be performing this in drag,” the longtime folk musician sighed.

Then she throws her chicken cutlets into the crowd and we cheer for Trixie one last time.

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