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Japanese Breakfast, José Feliciano Join SXSW

By Kevin Curtin, February 20, 2020, 10:00am, Earache!

One month from now, South by Southwest unleashes Music week. As of this morning, that now includes indie favorite Japanese Breakfast, Nigerian pop breakout Mr Eazi, and Puerto Rican nylon-string guitar enchanter José Feliciano, who thus becomes the festival’s most iconic instrumentalist.

Also added to the growing roster are Portland garage favorites the Shivas, Bay Area rapper Nef the Pharaoh, soft vocal stylist Col3trane, songwriter’s songwriter David Dondero, industrial gothrock go-to drummer Martin Atkins, and 99 Neighbors, a young DIY hip-hop/rock collective from Burlington, Vt.

In its eighth artist list – all backlogged here – SXSW continues to amass international talent. Welcome Israeli singer Noga Erez, Monterrey DJ Nurrydog, South African art-rockers Blk Jks, and Canadian-born/California-based lyrical beast Dax.

Austin punk trio Borzoi, meanwhile, sticks to its origin story about Melbourne, Australia. Other hometown favorites highlighting today’s list include Sweet Spirit, Sun June, Grupo Fantasma, and Bright Light Social Hour. There’s also B1, Bragglights, Clemente Castillo, the Deer, DJ Hella Yella, Godjknowledge & the Trendsetters, Grupo Fantasma, Kydd Jones, the Lagoons, Miluna, Pale Dian, Reue, Sertified, DieSlo, Single Lash, Spirit Ghost, and Wet Dip. All hail the 512.

Here scrolls the full goods:

99 Neighbors (Burlington, VT.)

Adzua (Dallas)

Akinyemi (Queens Village, NY.)

Alexxxandrina (Monterrey, Mexico)

Alice Longyu Gao (New York, NY.)

Amaarae (Brooklyn, NY.)

Amy Root (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Angel Cintron (San Antonio)

Astragal (Houston)

B1 (Austin)

Blk Jks (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Borzoi (Melbourne, Australia)

Bragglights (Austin)

Bright Light Social Hour (Austin)

Céu (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Max Chinasky (Cancun, Mexico)

Clemente Castillo (Austin)

Col3trane (London, England)

Dan Luke & the Raid (Bowling Green, KY.)

David Dondero (Duluth, MN.)

Dax (Ottawa, Canada)

The Deer (Austin)

Deezie Brown (Bastrop)

Demi Grace (New York)

DJ Cee Watts (Houston)

DJ Hella Yella (Austin)

DJ Iceberg (Atlanta, GA.)

Donald Lauture (Montreal, Canada)

Dwagie (Tainan, Taiwan)

Earth Boys (Brooklyn, NY.)

Ebo (Memphis, TN.)

Ellie Prohan (London, England)

Ezra Furman (Chicago, IL.)

Fever Beam (Tampa, FL.)

FH Snoop (Philadelphia, PA.)

Fly Hendrix (San Francisco, CA.)

Foozool (San Francisco, CA.)

Geexella (Jacksonville, FL.)

GoDJKnowledge & the Trendsetters (Austin)

Goyo (Chocó, Columbia)

Grupo Fantasma (Austin)

Houndmouth (New Albany, IN.)

Hounds (St. Louis, MO.)

The Iguanas (New Orleans, LA.)

Japanese Breakfast (New York, NY.)

Jasper Bones (Los Angeles, CA.)

Jaymes Ward (Harrisburg, PA.)

J. Harcrow (Fort Worth)

John Vincent III (Los Angeles, CA.)

Jonathas (Rio De Jainero, Brazil)

Jordan Moser (Wimberley)

José Feliciano (Lares, Puerto Rico)

JP Saxe (Toronto, Canada)

Karma Rivera (Portland, OR.)

Katy Kirby (Spicewood)

Kidi (Kwahu, Ghana)

King No-One (York, England)

Kirby (Memphis, TN.)

Kydd Jones (Austin)

Labrys (Norman, OK.)

The Lagoons (Austin)

Laser Background (Philadelphia, PA.)

Ledef (San Antonio)

Lele Rose (Washington, D.C.)

Little Jesus (Mexico City)

L Twill (Hamburg, Germany)

Mai Khoi (Hanoi, Vietnam)

Martin Atkins (Decatur, IL.)

Mira Fahrenheit (Detroit, MI.)

Miss Girl6 (Philadelphia, PA.)

Mluna (Austin)

Mothermary (New York, NY.)

Mr Eazi (Lagos, Nigeria)

Nef the Pharaoh (Vallejo, CA.)

Ness Heads (Chicago, IL.)

Noga Erez (Tel Aviv, Israel)

No Swoon (Brooklyn, NY.)

Nurrydog (Monterrey, Mexico)

Ollie Voso (Baltimore, MD.)

OMB Peezy (Mobile, AL.)

Pale Dian (Austin)

Parlor Walls (Brooklyn, NY.)

Peach Tree Rascals (San Jose, CA.)

Perreo Millenial (Mexico City)

Pineappleciti (Edison, NJ.)

Pinty (London, England)

Poorstacy (Boca Raton, FL.)

Portrait XO (Berlin, Germany)

Propain (Houston)

Ratchetón (Los Angeles, CA.)

Reue (Austin)

Ron Wilkins (San Antonio)

Russell Elliot (Brooklyn, NY.)

Ryan Cassata (Los Angeles, CA.)

Sertified & Dieslo (Austin)

Sharkmuffin (Brooklyn, NY.)

Sharna Bass (London, England)

Shelita (Los Angeles, CA.)

The Shivas (Portland, OR.)

Single Lash (Austin)

Skyblew (Chapel Hill, NC.)

Spirit Ghost (Austin)

Sports Team (London, England)

Stephan (Charleston, SC.)

Stephanie Poetri (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Stephen Clair (Beacon, NY.)

Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys (Scott, LA.)

Sun June (Austin)

Sweet Spirit (Austin)

Swsh (Los Angeles, CA.)

Sydney Wright (Austin)

Tenci (Chicago, IL.)

Thee Phantom & the Illharmonic Orchestra (Philadelphia, PA.)

Vi$ion (San Antonio)

Vivendii Sound (Lagos, Nigeria)

Wet Dip (Austin)

Worldwide (San Antonio)

Zach Winters (Tulsa, OK.)

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