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SXSW Adds 105 Acts

By Kevin Curtin, January 30, 2020, 10:00am, Earache!

Six weeks out from the music world descending upon Austin, South by Southwest continues to trickle out talent. Highlighting this week’s cull of acts are local psych rock revolutionaries the Black Angels, Minneapolis soul-pop showman Har Mar Superstar, and Paisley Underground vets the Dream Syndicate.

Eclectic and intense rapper/singer Billyracxx, hailing from Florida but residing in H-town, also joins the fray. As does roots song-teller Justin Townes Earle, Viennese ambient composer Fennesz, and the verbal assassin of psychobilly, Mojo Nixon. Other new additions include tropical indie rockers Surfer Blood, Girl in a Coma frontwoman Nina Diaz, Guided by Voices member Tobin Sprout, and old-timey songster Pokey LaFarge, with his new single “Fuck Me Up.”

Whoop-Szo sludges Anishinaabe-informed rock down from Norther territories, while slightly south Detroit ships in anthemic emotional punks Dogleg. Getting in on the action too: Umbrella Academy actor and singer-songwriter Aidan Gallagher, Ghanian urban music collective La Meme Gang, and composer/operator of the Italians do It Better label Johnny Jewel, who’s slated for a DJ set.

This deep in the cycle, SXSW’s Music team continues to mine quality acts from the hometown scene. Today’s pull brings in Aerial, Andre Davis Jr, Atlas Maior, Blood, Dustin Welch, Elijah Ford, Ella Ella, Gina Chavez, Harry Edohoukwa, In Praise, Jon Muq, Kept Male, Las Valentinas, Löwin, Mike Melinoe, Nané, Patricia Vonne, Reginald DeVore, Shelley King, and Tito & Tarantula.

Here’s the full list:

9th Sage (Houston)

Aaerial (Austin)

Aidan Gallagher (Los Angeles, CA.)

Andre Davis Jr. (Austin)

Ant Blue Jr. (Dallas)

Atlas Maior (Austin)

Babiboi (San Antonio)

Bad Man (Minneapolis, MN.)

Bemisoul (Brooklyn, NY.)

Bez Idakula (Lagos, Nigeria)

Billyracxx (Houston)

Black Angels (Austin)

Blood (Austin)

Bre Kennedy (Nashville, TN.)

Bulgogidisco (Seoul, South Korea)

Caitlin Sherman (Seattle, WA.)

Carol (Boston, MA.)

Chelsea Williams (Los Angeles, CA.)

Chloe Gilligan (Nashville, TN.)

The Chris Lee Band (New Orleans, LA.)

Danielle Dahl (Oslo, Norway)

Delta Bombers (Las Vegas, NV.)

Dirty Streets (Memphis, TN.)

Dogleg (Detroit, MI.)

Drag Syndrome (London, England)

The Dream Syndicate (Los Angeles, CA.)

Dressy Bessy (Denver, CO.)

Dustin Welch (Austin)

Dylan Doyle (Woodstock, NY.)

Elijah Ford (Austin)

Ella Ella (Austin)

Fabrik Alternativa (Cienfuegos, Cuba)

Fennesz (Vienna, Austria)

Field Medic (San Francisco, CA.)

Flawes (London, England)

Free Radicals (Houston)

Gina Chavez (Austin)

Gina Sicilia (Philadelphia, PA.)

Har Mar Superstar (Minneapolis, MN.)

Harry Edohoukwa (Austin)

Hēran Soun (Portland, ME.)

Hiheal (Aguada, Puerto Rico)

How I Quit Crack (Bertram)

Humbird (Minneapolis, MN.)

Hunger (Vienna, Austria)

In Praise (Austin)

Iskwē (Hamilton, Canada)

Jake Schrock (Dallas)

JC Stringz (Killeen)

Jill Andrews (Nashville, TN.)

Johnny Jewel [DJ set] (Los Angeles, CA.)

Jon Muq (Austin)

Justin Townes Earle (Nashville, TN.)

Kept Male (Austin)

Kompas Trio (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

Kore Rozzik (Queens, NY.)

La Doña (San Francisco, CA.)

La Goony Chonga (Miami, FL.)

La Meme Gang (Accra, Ghana)

Las Valentinas (Austin)

Lex the Lexicon Artist (New York City)

Los Wálters (New York)

Lou Canon (Toronto, Canada)

Löwin (Austin)

Luna Li (Toronto, Canada)

Majeure (Pittsburgh, PA.)

Maneka (Brooklyn, NY.)

Margaux (Atlanta, GA.)

Meatraffle (London, England)

Meryem Saci (Montreal, Canada)

Mexico City Blondes (Santa Barbara, CA.)

Mike Melinoe (Austin)

Miller Campbell & the Hasslers (Seattle, WA.)

Mïrändä (New York)

Mojo Nixon & the Toadliquors (Danville, VA.)

Mustangs of the West (Los Angeles, CA.)

Naia Izumi (Los Angeles, CA.)

Nané (Austin)

Nina Diaz (San Antonio)

Orion (Providence, RI.)

Paisley Fields (Brooklyn, NY.)

Palm Palm (Richmond, VA.)

Paralandra (Springfield, MO.)

Patricia Vonne (Austin)

Pokey LaFarge (Normal, IL.)

Psymon Spine (Brooklyn, NY.)

Quanna (Savannah, GA.)

Randy McGill & Eclectic (Dallas)

Reginald DeVore (Austin)

Rolex Rasathy (Queens, NY.)

Sarah Burton (Toronto, Canada)

Sasha Marie (San Diego, CA.)

Shadow Show (Detroit, MI.)

Shelley King (Austin)

Surfer Blood (West Palm Beach, FL.)

Tamar Aphek (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Texicana Mamas (San Antonio)

Time Zones (San Francisco, CA.)

Tito & Tarantula (Austin)

Tobin Sprout (Leland, MI.)

Tomás del Real (Santiago, Chile)

Tree Grundy (Houston)

Whoop-Szo (London, Canada)

Yemi Alade (Lagos, Nigeria)

You Said Strange (Giverny, France)

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