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Check Out the New Q&A Hole Trailer

, January 28, 2020, 2:08pm, Earache!

We're coming back with new episodes of Q&A Hole, in which Austin Chronicle staff writer Kevin Curtin blindsides musicians with insane theoretical questions.

How insane? Well, so far Kevin's asked Billie Buck and Phranchyze about alien abduction, Jackie Venson and Walker Lukens about the one song they'd play for an uncontacted tribe that had never heard recorded music before, Gina Chavez and the Teeta about what game they'd challenge the Grim Reaper to in order to reclaim their soul, and Duckwrth and Pink Sweat$ about which dead musician they'd bring back to life.

In this new batch of episodes, shot and edited by John Anderson, Kevin explores and explodes the minds of Sabrina Ellis, Abhi the Nomad, Ray Benson, Peelander Yellow, Har Mar Superstar, Alesia Lani, Rod Melancon, Lou Lou Ghelichkhani, Kevin Russell, Leslie Sisson, Taylor Wilkins, Kady Rain, Jim Campo, Black Pistol Fire, and Nnedi Nebula.

Check out the trailer below.

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