SXSW Unpacks Longest Lineup List

Soccer Mommy, Caroline Rose, Alyona Alyona, and 351 more

One day after a multifarious keynote speaker announcement that included Stephen Colbert, Diplo, and the NSA’s Director of Cybersecurity, SXSW diversifies its music lineup with the largest artist list of the year, numbering some 354 showcasing acts.

Soccer Mommy at SXSW 2018 (Photo by John Anderson)

The biggest name on the bill boldfaces bedroom pop breakout Soccer Mommy (aka Sophie Allison), who cemented her sadcore stardom with a huge splash at last year’s Music conference. Also on deck for the fest, spreading through Austin clubs March 16-22, daring folk-turned-pop songwriter Caroline Rose, unique Ukrainian rapper Alyona Alyona, and modern reggae intrigue Tessellated. No Wave musician and intense poet Lydia Lunch, Philly power pop unit Beach Slang, and neo-trad sister act the Haden Triplets also earn their free SXSW-branded backpacks, as do grunge-pop upstarts Great Grandpa, relaxed indie songwriter Long Beard, and electronic pop vocal duo Overcoats.

Alternative era veterans Soul Asylum and the Posies are coming through too, while Night Moves posits poppy psychedelic indie rock and Brooklyn indie-punks the Worriers appear on the heels of March’s You or Someone You Know.

Meanwhile, an amateur group-singing phenomenon out of Bisbane, Australia, makes its SXSW debut. At Pub Choir, singer/conductor Astrid Jorgensen teaches the audience a popular song in three-part harmonies and then films them singing it en masse as she directs the vocal parts.

Astonishingly, that’s not the most unusual act on this list. That honor goes to Dadabots, where Boston-based music technologists create artificial intelligence programs that serve as very specific bands. Check out their infinite live feed of an AI bot that might – finally – eliminate humans from the process of making death metal.

Per usual, SXSW stacks intriguing music-makers from around the globe. Electro-classical Copenhagen export Astrid Sonne makes the trek, as do Burger Records-approved psych poppers Psychic Bloom, who spring from Tehran, and urban Latin pop heatseeker Dragón Rojo journeys from Cartagena, Colombia. London’s Knucks will be one-to-watch in the rap game, while Sheffield’s Self Esteem delivers pure pop. The other side of the United Kingdom yields Aaron Smith, a young Scottish singer-songwriter with ridiculously emotive pipes, and ’78 Belfast punks Protex.

The lower hemisphere sends up intimate New Zealand song conjurer Nadia Reid, Aukland indie folker Holly Arrowsmith, and Australian singer-songwriter Didirri.

Los Coast, Alesia Lani, Kalu & the Electric Joint, Go Fever, Night Glitter, Curse Mackey, Rod Melancon, Ley Line, Harvest Thieves, and Christelle Bofale highlight an extensive list of Austin acts that’ll make appearances on SXSW stage. Other homegrown artists bringing their sounds downtown include:

A. Sinclair, Buenos Diaz, Buhu, the Bvtcher, Calliope Musicals, Cole Longanecker, Critical Assembly, Death of a Dream, Dossey, Emily Wolfe, Eric Tessmer, Fires Were Shot, Ghostboy Jay$ee, Grace Pettis, Graham Reynolds & Golden Arm Trio, Greyhounds, Indrajit Banerjee, Infrar3d, Invoke, JM Stevens, Johnny Chops & the Razors, J Soulja, Killing in Apathy, Kraken Quartet, Landon Bullard & the Mostly Sober, Love & Chaos, the Matt Gilmour Band, Mother Falcon, Mr. Lewis & the Funeral 5, Pike & Sutton, Queue Queue, Quiet Company, Reign, Sound Mass, Star Parks, Sue Foley, Teeta, Teddythelegacy, Tetractys New Music, Tiarra Girls, Tribe Mafia, and Yung Bryse.

Scan the full list:

79.5 (New York, NY.)

Aaron Smith (Polmont, Scotland)

Ahi (Brampton, Canada)

Alesia Lani (Austin)

Alex Nicol (Montreal, Canada)

Almost Monday (San Diego, CA.)

A Low Hum (Wellington, New Zealand)

Alyona Alyona (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Anna Altman (Brooklyn, NY.)

Anna Shoemaker (Brooklyn, NY.)

Anthony Adams (Nashville, TN.)

As Bahias ea Cozinha Mineira (São Paulo, Brazil)

A. Sinclair (Austin)

Astrid Sonne (Copenhagen, Denmark)

August Eve (Los Angeles, CA.)

Autre Monde (Dublin, Ireland)

Axel Thesleff (Helsinki, Finland)

Baba Ali (New York, NY.)

Bad Tuner (Brooklyn, NY.)

Balming Tiger (Seoul, South Korea)

Balto (Los Angeles, CA.)

Bathhouse (Dallas)

Beach Slang (Philadelphia, PA.)

Begonia (Winnipeg, Canada)

Belako (Bilbao, Spain)

Belén Cuturi (Montevideo, Uruguay)

Ben Wylen (Los Angeles, CA.)

Big Zeeks (London, England)

Billy Raffoul (Leamington, Canada)

Bird Streets (Brooklyn, NY.)

Birthh (Florence, Italy)

Blind Suns (Angers, France)

Bluestaeb (Berlin, Germany)

Bones Garage (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Bones UK (Camden, England)

Boniface (Winnipeg, Canada)

Boyo (Los Angeles, CA.)

Branjae (Tulsa, OK.)

Buenos Diaz (Austin)

Buhu (Austin)

The Bvtcher (Austin)

Cactus? (Vicenza, Italy)

Caleb Elliott (Florence, AL.)

Calliope Musicals (Austin)

Caroline Rose (Austin)

Catherine MacLellan (Wellington, Canada)

Chaii (Auckland, New Zealand)

Chainska Brassika (London, England)

Childcare (London, England)

Chris Berardo (Rye, NY.)

Chris Canterbury (Nashville, TN.)

Christelle Bofale (Austin)

Christian Lee Hutson (Los Angeles, CA.)

Ciudadanos (Santiago, Chile)

Cobrah (Stockholm, Sweden)

Cole Longanecker (Austin)

Colours That Rise (London, England)

Cosby (Munich, Germany)

Critical Assembly (Austin)

Crows (London, England)

Crunk Witch (Presque Isle, ME.)

Cuffed Up (Los Angeles, CA.)

Curse Mackey (Austin)

Dadabots (Boston, MA.)

Dan Mangan (Vancouver, Canada)

Deadbeat Beat (Detroit, MI.)

Dead Girls Academy (Los Angeles, CA.)

Death of A Dream (Austin)

Del Judas (Brooklyn, NY.)

Derelicts (Ernakulam, India)

Deserta (Los Angeles, CA.)

Detalji (Helsinki, Finland)

Didirri (Melbourne, Australia)

Diego Noguera (Berlin, Germany)

Dinosaur 88 (Guatemala)

Divine Interface (Atlanta, GA.)

Divino Niño (Chicago, IL.)

Dossey (Austin)

Dougie Poole (Brooklyn, NY.)

Dragón Rojo (Cartagena, Colombia)

Drew Citron (Brooklyn, NY.)

Duquette Johnston (Birmingham, AL.)

Dyllan (Los Angeles, CA.)

Edan Archer (Gainesville, FL.)

Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine (Ottawa, Canada)

Eliott (Melbourne, Australia)

Eliza & the Delusionals (Gold Coast, Australia)

Elizabeth Moen (Iowa City, IA.)

Ellevator (Toronto, Canada)

Elma Orkestra & Ryan Vail (Derry, Ireland)

Eloïse (Colchester, England)

Emily Wolfe (Austin)

Eric Tessmer (Austin)

Esme Patterson (Denver, CO.)

Fabiola Roudha (Guatemala City)

False Heads (London, England)

Fat Tony (Houston)

Fingerfingerrr (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Fires Were Shot (Austin)

Five Eight (Athens, GA.)

Flamingo (Milan, Italy)

Forever (Montreal, Canada)

Fraeya (Perth, Australia)

Frisco (London, England)

Ganser (Chicago, IL.)

Garden Centre (Todmorden, England)

Ghostboy Jay$ee (Austin)

Ghost Car (London, England)

Ginger Root (Huntington Beach, CA.)

Go Cactus (Palma De Mallorca, Spain)

Go Fever (Austin)

Gold Cage (Los Angeles, CA.)

Goodbye Honolulu (Toronto, Canada)

Grace Pettis (Austin)

Graham Reynolds (Austin)

Graham Reynolds & Golden Arm Trio (Austin)

Gran Sur (Mexico City)

Great Grandpa (Seattle, WA.)

Greyhounds (Austin)

Haden Triplets (Los Angeles, CA.)

Han (Milan, Italy)

Harvest Thieves (Austin)

Hausi Kuta (Santiago, Chile)

Hawthorns (Los Angeles, CA.)

Hazy Sour Cherry (Tokyo, Japan)

Hearty Har (Los Angeles, CA.)

Hector Coco Barez (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Heir (Chisinau, Italy)

Hero (Montreal, Canada)

Holly Arrowsmith (Christchurch, New Zealand)

Holly Macve (Brighton, England)

Holy Boy (Los Angeles, CA.)

Honey Harper (London, England)

Hooveriii (Los Angeles, CA.)

Hormones (Chengdu, China)

Hotel Lux (Portsmouth, England)

I’m Glad It’s You (Redlands, CA.)

Ian Sweet (Los Angeles, CA.)

Ilgen-Nur (Berlin, Germany)

Indrajit Banerjee (Austin)

Inferzenal (Monterrey, Mexico)

Infrar3d (Austin)

Invoke (Austin)

Jack River (Sydney, Australia)

Jaguar Jonze (Brisbane, Australia)

Jake Etheridge (Nashville, TN.)

James Swanberg (Chicago, IL.)

Jason James (Texas City)

Jealous (Berlin, Germany)

Jimmy DeTalente & the Electric Revival (Evansville, IN.)

JM Stevens (Austin)

Johnny Chops & the Razors (Austin)

Johnny Gates (Nashville, TN.)

Jona Camacho (Mexico City)

J Soulja (Austin)

Julien Chang (Baltimore, MD.)

Kalpee (Chaguanas, Trinidad & Tobago)

Kalu & the Electric Joint (Austin)

Karen Jonas (Fredericksburg, VA.)

Karun (Nairobi, Kenya)

Kate Davis (New York, NY.)

Katerine Duska (Athens, Greece)

Katie Malco (Northampton, England)

The Keepers (Bedford, England)

Kevin Daniel (Brooklyn, NY.)

Kevin Krauter (Indianapolis, IN.)

Keyah/Blu (London, England)

Kiana Valenciano (Manila, Philippines)

Killing in Apathy (Austin)

Kills Birds (Los Angeles, CA.)

Kino Kimino (Brooklyn, NY.)

Knucks (London, England)

Komorebi (New Delhi, India)

Kordelya (Monterrey, Mexico)

Kosha Dillz (Yafo, Israel)

Kraken Quartet (Austin)

Kyle Emerson (Denver, CO.)

Lake South (Wellington, New Zealand)

Landon Bullard & the Mostly Sober (Austin)

Larkins (Manchester, England)

Lauran Hibberd (Isle of Wight, England)

Le Couleur (Montreal, Canada)

Lee’s Trio (Seoul, South Korea)

Legal Vertigo (Montreal, Canada)

Leya (New York, NY.)

Ley Line (Austin)

Liam Benzvi (Brooklyn, NY.)

Lightning Bug (Brooklyn, NY.)

Lisa Morales (San Antonio)

Little Coyote (Whitehorse, Canada)

Lizzie & the Makers (Brooklyn, NY.)

Lizzy & the Triggermen (Los Angeles, CA.)

Lo-fi Le-Vi (Alkmaar, Netherlands)

Long Beard (New Brunswick, NJ.)

Lord Kesseli & the Drums (St Gallen, Switzerland)

Los Coast (Austin)

Los Kurados (Austin)

Los Rakas (Oakland, CA.)

Love & Chaos (Austin)

Lovelorn (Philadelphia, PA.)

Loyal Lobos (Los Angeles, CA.)

Lula Wiles (Boston, MA.)

Luvia (Seaford, England)

Lydia Lunch (Brooklyn, NY.)

Macca (Wolverhampton, England)

Macmorfi (Mexico City)

Maddee (Toronto, Canada)

Maddie Medley (Franklin, TN.)

Magdalena Bay (Los Angeles, CA.)

Making Movies (Kansas City, MO.)

Mal Blum (Brooklyn, NY.)

Mamalarky (Los Angeles, CA.)

Mammoth Penguins (Cambridge, England)

The Man Who (Toronto, Canada)

Marble Arch (Paris, France)

Maréh (Cali, Colombia)

Marem Ladson (Madrid, Spain)

Matt Gilmour Band (Austin)

Max Pain & the Groovies (Brooklyn, NY.)

Melody Federer (Seattle, WA.)

Meltt (Vancouver, Canada)

Micaela Salaverry (Lima, Peru)

Miranda & the Beat (Brooklyn, NY.)

Mirrror (Bay Area, CA.)

Misi Ke (Taipei, Taiwan)

Mister Goblin (Washington, D.C.)

Model Man (Chelmsford, England)

Monte (San José, Costa Rica)

Mother Falcon (Austin)

Mr. Lewis & the Funeral 5 (Austin)

Mush (Leeds, England)

Nadia Reid (Dunedin, New Zealand)

Natalia Nykiel (Warsaw, Poland)

Nathan Graham (Chicago, IL.)

Natural History (Brooklyn, NY.)

Naya Ali (Montreal, Canada)

Neon Dreams (Halifax, Canada)

Neysa Blay (Puerto Rico)

Nicklas Sahl (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Nicole Atkins (Nashville, TN.)

Night Glitter (Austin)

Night Moves (Minneapolis, MN.)

Ningen Isu (Aomori, Japan)

Normal Echo (Berlin, Germany)

Ohmme (Chicago, IL.)

Overcoats (New York, NY.)

Pacific Jam at My Apartment [Pjama] (Saltillo, Mexico)

Painted Zeros (Brooklyn, NY.)

Paranoid 1966 (Alicante, Spain)

Paranoyds (Los Angeles, CA.)

Pat Byrne (Borris, Ireland)

Patrick Sweany (Nashville, TN.)

Paul Benjaman Band (Tulsa, OK.)

Persons of Interest (Ocho Rios, Jamaica)

Phobophobes (London, England)

Phoenix Within (Woodhaven, NY.)

Pike & Sutton (Austin)

Pillow Queens (Dublin, Ireland)

Pinky Doodle Poodle (Athens, GA.)

Poder Fantasma (Santiago, Chile)

Pony (Toronto, Canada)

Poppies (New York, NY.)

Poppy Jean Crawford (Los Angeles, CA.)

Posies (Seattle, WA.)

Prescriptions (Nashville, TN.)

Protex (Belfast, Ireland)

Psychic Bloom (Tehran, Iran)

Pub Choir (Brisbane, Australia)

PVA (London, England)

Queue Queue (Austin)

Quiet Company (Austin)

Ramon Mirabet (Barcelona, Spain)

Ratboys (Chicago, IL.)

Raul Midón (Columbia, MD.)

Reb Fountain (Auckland, New Zealand)

Reekado Banks (Akure, Nigeria)

Reign (Austin)

Reserva Fantasma (San José, Costa Rica)

Reuben & the Dark (Calgary, Canada)

Rod Melancon (Wright, LA.)

Role Model (Cape Elizabeth, ME.)

Rollingchild (Atlanta, GA.)

Roman Clarke (Winnipeg, Canada)

Ryan McMullan (Portaferry, Ireland)

Salt Cathedral (Brooklyn, NY.)

Sammi Lanzetta (Richmond, VA.)

Sara King (Dallas)

School (Cardiff, Wales)

Sea Moya (Mannheim, Germany)

Sean Henry (Waterbury, CT.)

Sega Bodega (London, England)

Se So Neon (Seoul, South Korea)

S. Fidelity (Berlin, Germany)

Shamanic (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Shaun Solo (Killeen)

Shopping (London, England)

Shubzilla x Bill Beats (Renton, WA.)

Siobhan Wilson (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Snotty Nose Rez Kids (Vancouver, Canada)

Soccer Mommy (Nashville, TN.)

Sofia Talvik (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Soriah (Portland, OR.)

Soul Asylum (Minneapolis, MN.)

Sound Mass (Austin)

Space Tyger (Florence, AL.)

Sparkling (Cologne, Germany)

Star Parks (Austin)

Still Tide (Denver, CO.)

Sue Foley (Austin)

Summer Heart (Malmo, Sweden)

Swallow the Rat (Auckland, New Zealand)

Swampmeat Family Band (Birmingham, England)

Sweet Crude (New Orleans, LA.)

Talbott Brothers (Imperial, NE.)

Tami (Nashville, TN.)

Tarmac (Medellin, Colombia)

Tebi Rex (Dublin, Ireland)

Teddythelegacy (Austin)

Teeta (Austin)

Tennis System (Los Angeles, CA.)

Tessellated (Kingston, Jamaica)

Tetractys New Music (Austin)

Texas Gentlemen (Dallas)

Thick (Brooklyn, NY.)

Tiarra Girls (Austin)

Tom West (Adelaide, Australia)

Tre Burt (Sacramento, CA.)

Tribe Mafia (Austin)

Triptides (Los Angeles, CA.)

Tsha (London, England)

Ttbby (Beaumont)

Tugboat Captain (London, England)

Tuomo & Markus [feat. Pratt & Moody] (Helsinki, Finland)

Twin Tribes (Brownsville)

Vegabonds (Birmingham, AL.)

Vlossom (Sydney, Australia)

Ward Hayden & the Outliers (Boston, MA.)

Wendy Colonna (San Marcos)

White Hills (New York, NY.)

Will Varley (Kent, England)

Winter (Los Angeles, CA.)

Wire Spine (Vancouver, Canada)

The Wonder (Melbourne, Australia)

Worriers (Brooklyn, NY.)

Wow (Rome, Italy)

Xavier Martinex (Cali, Colombia)

Yan Jun (Shanghai, China)

Yawners (Madrid, Spain)

Yb Da Widget (Nürnberg, Germany)

Yonawo (Muromi City, Japan)

Young Something (Tampa, FL.)

Yung Bryse (Austin)

Yyynot (San Antonio)

Zach Schmidt (Nashville, TN.)

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SXSW Music 2020, Soccer Mommy, Caroline Rose, Alyona Alyona, Diplo, Pub Choir, Dadabots

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