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This Week on The Austin Chronicle Show: ACL Fest Picks

By Kimberley Jones, October 4, 2019, 3:30pm, Earache!

You've probably heard – there are about half a million people hanging around Zilker Park right now.


A lot of those half a million are lining up specifically to see the ACL Fest headliners – y'know, the acts whose names are in the biggest font size on the poster, acts like Guns n' Roses, Mumford & Sons, and Cardi B. But the Chronicle's Very Authoritative Team of Musical Opinionators (TM pending) thinks you should be lining up for the smaller-font artists, too.

This week on our KOOP show, music writers Kevin Curtin, Rachel Rascoe, and Kahron Spearman joined me to discuss the middle-of-the-bill acts – think of them as the headliners of the future – that have them most excited. Kevin, Rachel, and Kahron came armed with three songs each, drawing from wildly different sounds (we ran the gamut from bluegrass to reggaeton to jazz electronica). For copyright reasons, we've had to strip the songs out of this rebroadcast, but you can follow along with the Spotify playlist below. Just listen for the sound effect – that's when you know to hit pause here and hit play over there.

Host: Kim Jones. Guests: Kevin Curtin, Rachel Rascoe, and Kahron Spearman. Engineer: Evan Hearn. Theme music: Kevin Curtin and Jonas Wilson.

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