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SXSW Turns Out Final Weekly Band List

By Kevin Curtin, February 28, 2019, 10:00am, Earache!

With this morning’s addition of some 186 acts – which includes hip-hop innovators De La Soul, motivational rocker Andrew W.K., Grammy-nominated Latin pop breakout Ximena Sariñana, and classic soul priestess Mavis StaplesSouth by Southwest has accounted for the vast majority of its music programming.

Today’s announcement also includes the slinky, busy, dream-pop of romantic L.A. youngster Cuco, soul/pop dynamo Har Mar Superstar, British singer songwriter Yola – whose new album finds Dan Auerbach in the producer’s chair – and expressive Flint, MI., rapper Yoshi Vintage. Also added to the fray are Mexican DJ collective 3BallMTY, pop singer Morgxn, alt-country/Americana veteran Chuck Mead, New York rockers Dirty Fences, Salt-n-Pepa turntablist DJ Spinderella, rock/pop songcrafters Sir Sly, and uncompromising hip-hop lyricist Open Mike Eagle.

From here on out, expect only individual artists announcements. Among them will be performers for the Friday, March 15, free show at Auditorium Shores. Yesterday, the festival announced Saturday’s Outdoor Stage at Lady Bird Lake lineup, headlined by Patty Griffin and Andrew Bird. This morning, organizers revealed the Thursday, March 14, schedule of its gratis park show, which features X Ambassadors, Jamie N Commons, Odette, and Voila.

Meanwhile, ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, Walker Lukens, and Hovvdy lead a list of new Austin showcasers that also includes: Autumn Walker, B1, BillieB, Casual T, Cosmico, DJ D-Best, DJ Jester the Filipino Fist, dLo, Eazy Boi, Fools, Jay Drowsy, Just Cuuz b2b Mingo, Lola Tried, Lolita Lynne, Loony, Loteria, Love & Chaos, Magna Carda, Marcos Cabral & Bill Converse, Mujeres Podridas, Nimbus, Nolan Potter’s Nightmare Band, Phoenixtheproducer, Princess Barbie, Range Emotion, RF Shannon, SaulPaul All-Stars, Sharkweek, SierraShante, Syndicate Same Ol’, Walt Wilkins & the Mystiqueros, and Whiteside.

Here’s the nine previous lists beginning last year.

3BallMty (Monterrey, Mexico)

A-Game (St Louis, MO.)

A5iv3 (St. Paul, MN.)

Aaron Cohen (New York, NY.)

Adam David (Miami, FL.)

Adrian Jean (Los Angeles, CA.)

Ajax Stacks (Grand Rapids, MI.)

Alex Di Leo (Fort Lauderdale, FL.)

An Author, A Poet (Galveston)

Andrew Bird (Chicago, IL.)

Andrew W.K. (New York, NY.)

...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead (Austin)

Angie Rose (Bronx, NY.)

Antonio Ramsey (Miami, FL.)

Armani White (Philadelphia, PA.)

Autumn Walker (San Marcos)

B1 (Austin)

Banquet (San Francisco, CA.)

Barry Dean, Luke Laird, Ashley McMillen (Nashville, TN.)

Beatking (Houston)

BillieB (Austin)

Bonnie Bishop (Fort Worth)

The Briefs (Seattle, WA.)

Candy (Richmond, VA.)

Carthy (Houston)

Casual T (Austin)

Cee-Jay (Hartford, CT.)

Charly Bliss (Brooklyn, NY.)

Chris Berardo (Silvermine, CT.)

Chuck Mead (Nashville, TN.)

Citizen Shade (Greensboro, NC.)

Collapsing Stars (Minneapolis, MN.)

Comisario Pantera (Mexico City)

Complete (Fort Worth)

Cosmico (Austin)

Courtney Marie Andrews (Phoenix, AZ.)

Coven (Indianapolis, IN.)

Cuco (Hawthorne, CA.)

Danni Cassette (Los Angeles, CA.)

De La Soul (Long Island, NY.)

Der Kindestod (San Antonio)

Dezorah (Mcallen)

Dirty Fences (New York, NY.)

DJ Oceanz (Atlanta, GA.)

DJ C. DeVone (New York, NY.)

DJ D-Best (Austin)

DJ Euts (Atlanta, GA.)

DJ Jester the Filipino Fist (Austin)

DJ Osh Kosh (Los Angeles, CA.)

DJ QuestionMark (Taipei, Taiwan)

DJ Spinderella (Brooklyn, NY.)

DJ Titan (Dallas)

Dlo (Austin)

Doughbeezy (Houston)

Dox Black (San Jose, CA.)

Dsr [Dominican Jay, $ Dot, Dowrong] (Austin)

Dua Saleh (Kassala, Sudan)

Dyli (Greensboro, NC.)

Eazy Boi (Austin)

Ebo (Memphis)

Elderbrook (London, England)

Ephraim Owens (Dallas)

Flinch (Los Angeles, CA.)

Flora Cash (Stockholm, Sweden)

Fools (Austin)

Garrett T. Capps (San Antonio)

Genaro Ortiz x PrŪf (Hackensack, NJ.)

George Von Doom (Salisbury, MD.)

G-Side (Huntsville)

Gynx (Austin)

Har Mar Superstar (Minneapolis, MN.)

Heart Collectors (Tyalgum, Australia)

Herizen (Eugene, OR.)

Hovvdy (Austin)

Iamtune (Greensboro, NC.)

Idk (Prince Georges County, MD.)

Ings (Seattle, WA.)

Jack Freeman (Houston)

Jamie Drake (Los Angeles, CA.)

Jamie N Commons (Bristol, England)

January Jane (Manhattan, NY.)

Jared Deck (Weatherford, OK.)

Ja’rey (Thomasville, GA.)

Jason James (Texas City)

Jay Drowsy (Austin)

J-Hen (Dallas)

John Vincent III (Houston)

June’s Diary (Los Angeles, CA.)

Just Cuuz b2b Mingo (Austin)

Kadesh Flow (Kansas City, MO.)

Katie Schecter (Nashville, TN.)

Keith Cullen (Dublin, Ireland)

Keke Nova (Los Angeles, CA.)

Kelvyn Colt (Berlin, Germany)

Kofi Skills (Alliance, OH.)

Kyan (Cambridge, England)

Ledef (San Antonio)

Lil Yodaa (San Antonio)

Logan Ledger (San Francisco, CA.)

Lola Tried (Austin)

Lolita Lynne (Austin)

Lonnie Holley (Atlanta, GA.)

Loony (Austin)

Loteria (Austin)

Love & Chaos (Austin)

Lovelorn (Philadelphia, PA.)

Maad (Los Angeles, CA.)

Magna Carda (Austin)

Maliibu Miitch (Bronx, NY.)

Marcos Cabral & Bill Converse (Austin)

Mavis Staples (Chicago, IL.)

Maxxp (Atlanta, GA.)

MC Frontalot (Brooklyn, NY.)

Megan Thee Stallion (Houston)

Melanie Faye (Nashville, TN.)

Mont (Brooklyn, NY.)

Morgxn (Nashville, CA.)

Mujeres Podridas (Austin)

Neila (Fort Laudedale, FL.)

Nicotine (Houston)

The Nimbus (Austin)

Noah Barlass (Welch, OK.)

Noa James (San Bernardino, CA.)

Nolan Potter’s Nightmare Band (Austin)

Open Mike Eagle (Chicago, CA.)

Optic Sink (Memphis, TN.)

Pablo Dylan (Los Angeles, CA.)

Patty Griffin (Austin)

Pavo Pavo (Los Angeles, CA.)

Phoenixtheproducer (Austin)

Pinky Pinky (Los Angeles, CA.)

PJ Sin Suela (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

P Money (London, England)

Princess Barbie (Austin)

Produca P (Washington, D.C.)

Q Da Fool (Largo, MD.)

Rachel Andie & the Fifth Element (Philadelphia, PA.)

Radamiz (Brooklyn, NY.)

The Rad Trads (Brooklyn, NY.)

Rainstorm Brother (Los Angeles, CA.)

Range Emotion (Austin)

Revelation Mizik (Miami, FL.)

RF Shannon (Austin)

Rich Mutts (New Haven, CT.)

Rico Nasty (Maryland)

Rob4real (Denver, CO.)

Robot Nature (Los Angeles)

Roots from the Clay (Houston)

Samiere (Oakland, CA.)

Sam Morrow (Los Angeles, CA.)

Saul Paul All-Stars (Austin)

Scrooge Mcbuckz b2b DJ Grip (Beaumont)

Sharkweek (Austin)

Sierra Shante (Austin)

Siimba Liives Long with Haile Supreme (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

Sir Sly (Los Angeles, CA.)

Sonic (San Francisco, CA.)

Sparkdawg (Killeen)

Steelyone (New Rochelle, NY.)

Steven Malcolm (Grand Rapids, MI.)

Stonebwoy (Ashaiman, Ghana)

Syndicate Same Ol’ (Austin)

Sy Ntuli (Durban, South Africa)

Tangina Stone (Brooklyn, NY.)

Thutmose (Brooklyn, NY.)

Tierra Whack (Philadephia, PA.)

Tiggs Da Author (London, England)

Tommy McLain, CC Adcock, Steve Riley, Dave Ranson Swamp Pop Songbook (Lafayette, LA.)

Treehouse (Myrtle Beach, SC.)

Trenchmobb (Chicago, IL.)

Trillbass (Birmingham, AL.)

Uncle Devin (Washington, D.C.)

Ursa Major (Long Island, NY.)

Vacationer (Philadelphia, PA.)

Voila (Los Angeles, CA.)

Walker Lukens (Austin)

Walt Wilkins & the Mystiqueros (Austin)

Wavii (Yonkers, NY.)

Whiteside (Austin)

William Tyler (Nashville, TN.)

Will Varley (London, England)

Wintersleep (Halifax, Canada)

Worn-Tin (Los Angeles, CA.)

X Ambassadors (Ithaca, NY.)

Ximena Sariñana (Mexico City)

Yola (Bristol, England)

Yoshi Vintage (Flint, MI.)

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