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Go Fever Wants You to Feel

By Kevin Curtin, December 7, 2018, 11:47am, Earache!

On Go Fever’s extraordinarily catchy new single, “Feel So Much,” Australian singer Acey Monaro pleas for an authentic emotional reaction – at any cost.

“I feel so much, you feel so little/ I’m not turned on by the pleasant or the civil/ Though I do enjoy the odd bouquet/ Still, I’d rather you abuse me than be this way.”

The emotionally raw single, glimpsing Go Fever’s forthcoming Daydream Hawker, evidences major evolution for the Austin fivepiece. While the group’s 2017 debut fostered elements of Sixties pop into a sound dubbed “prom rock,” the new EP spins a more cohesive indie rock sound. “Feel So Much,” with its palm-muted guitar and bold lyrical honesty, bears semblance to both the Cars and Courtney Barnett.

Monaro told the Chronicle last March that she was working to write “less hooky songs,” but “Feel So Much” fairly explodes with one of the strongest and most memorable choruses to come out of Austin all year. Four momentous words is all it took: “I really want you.”

The frontwoman, who relocated locally from Sydney in 2014 with her husband/bandmate Ben Burdick (previously of the Preservation and currently playing in Star Parks), explains that the new track draws inspiration from the ways mental illness affects her marriage.

“I was in unhealthy relationships for my entire life up until recently – with other addicts and people battling their own demons, and in a very sick way, I sometimes wish I was still was,” she wrote about the track in a press release. “I’m so used to feeling anxious and angry, and quite out of my own control that I sometimes think a life of happiness and self worth is a boring and mediocre one.

“Most of my creative heroes were and are unstable piss wrecks,” she continues. “On the other hand, my husband struggles with his own experience of depression, which manifests as lassitude and a decided lack of lust for life. This song is a deranged plea from the bottom of my manic heart for him to experience the depth of emotion that I do, even though really I would not wish that upon anyone I care about.”

Monaro’s clever and cutting lyricism, with its special emphasis on unusual phrasing, often veers deeply personal. She admits that songwriting’s long been a cathartic release, even before she picked up a guitar.

“I can’t help it. Sometimes I wish I could write about different stuff, but it always comes out extremely earnest and autobiographical,” she says. “I’m kind of known as being a loudmouth, toilet humor, big-drinking Australian whatever, but how I relate to people on a serious level is though my songs.”

The five-track Daydream Hawker, recorded by Brad Bell at Spoon drummer Jim Eno’s Public Hi-Fi studio and mixed by prolific British engineer Ali Chant, arrives Feb. 1, kickstarting a year that’ll include national touring for Go Fever. Check out “Feel So Much” here:

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