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SXSW’s Sixth Artist List

By Kevin Curtin, February 1, 2018, 10:00am, Earache!

South by Southwest now slots in just six weeks away, their massive mosaic of music programming coming into focus incrementally. Today’s announcement adds another 102 artists, including grunge-pop favorites Bully and Baltimore indie duo Wye Oak.

This week’s talent dish brings the running Music conference total to roughly 1,281 of what will ultimately be around 2,000 showcasers. Kentucky’s White Reaper, whose white-hot power-pop is equally informed by garage punk and stadium rock, has punched their ticket to SXSW following a big splash at ACL Fest and extensive touring with Spoon. Their local guitarist, Hunter Thompson, takes on double duties since he’s also performing with Dryspell, an intriguing spin-off from Austin’s Tamarron, whose debut EP drops right before the festival.

Other notables on the sixth SXSW list are Milwaukee hip-hop iconoclast WebsterX, Strokes’ guitarist Albert Hammond Jr., piano-pounding boogie rockers Low Cut Connie, and emotive Dallas rapper T.Y.E., who gets in your head by compelling you into his.

The conference also continues to stack on homegrown talent, including superfast stoner rock trio American Sharks, rapper/songwriter Kydd Jones, honky-tonk rocker Jesse Dayton, freak blues specialists Churchwood, art-folk anthemists Calliope Musicals, and ambient Americana soothsayers Knife in the Water.

Other 512ers on deck: Beat Root Revival, Brainwavve, Buck Meek, the Bvtcher, Crocodile Tears, Death of a Dream, Devras Plexi, Fort Never, Inflatable Robot, Royal Forest, Sass, Small Houses, and Temple of Angels.

Here’s the rundown in full:

16 the Olympus (San Antonio)

Aaron Lee Tasjan (Nashville, TN.)

The Accidentals (Traverse City, MI.)

Adam Ness (Chicago, IL.)

Adrian Daniel (Brooklyn, NY.)

Albert Hammond Jr (New York, NY.)

American Sharks (Austin)

Andrea Cruz (Cayey, Puerto Rico)

Ari Roar (Dallas)

Bamsworth (San Antonio)

Beat Root Revival (Austin)

Black Prophet (Accra, Ghana)

Blindur (Naples, Italy)

Bodywash (Montreal, Canada)

Bonnie Whitmore & Her Band (Denton)

Boombox Cartel (Monterrey, Mexico)

Boyo (Los Angeles, Calif.)

Brainwavve (Austin)

Buck Meek (Austin)

Bully (Nashville, TN.)

The Bvtcher (Austin)

Calliope Musicals (Austin)

Chadney Christle (Dallas)

Chencha Berrinches (South Gate, Calif.)

Churchwood (Austin)

Count Vaseline (Atlanta, GA.)

Crocodile Tears (Austin)

Davie (Los Angeles, Calif.)

Death of a Dream (Austin)

Devras Plexi (Austin)

Doobie Powell (Hartford, CT.)

Dr. Bobby Banner, MPC (El Paso)

Dryspell (Austin)

Emi Secrest (Memphis, TN.)

Ensign Broderick (Toronto, Canada)

Faye Webster (Atlanta, GA.)

Fazi (Beijing, China)

Field Report (Milwaukee, WI.)

Fishbach (Paris, France)

Fort Never (Austin)

Giant Kitty (Houston)

Girl Skin (Brooklyn, NY.)

Golden Dawn Arkestra (Austin)

Half·Alive (Long Beach, Calif.)

Harrison Lipton (Brooklyn, NY.)

Hilang Child (London, England)

Hok (San Antonio)

I Am Snow Angel (New York, NY.)

Ider (London, England)

Inflatable Robot (Austin)

Jesse Dayton (Austin)

Kadesh Flow (Kansas City, MO.)

Knife in the Water (Austin)

Kydd Jones (Austin)

Lauren Ruth Ward (Los Angeles, Calif.)

Lethal Injektion (Tuscon, AZ.)

Lingua Franca (Athens, GA.)

Lisa Morales (San Antonio)

Low Cut Connie (Philadelphia, PA.)

Luz Pinos (Brooklyn, NY.)

Max Meser (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Medicine Man Revival (Dallas)

Mega Ran (Phoenix, AZ.)

Mélat (Austin)

Micki Miller (South Bend, IN.)

Nick Wayne (Nashville, TN.)

Noah Slee (Auckland, New Zealand)

OG Maco (Atlanta, GA.)

Only Girl (London, England)

Patrick Sweany (Nashville, TN.)

Phangs (Nashville, TN.)

Poranguí (Sedona, AZ.)

Protohype (Nashville, TN.)

Rawayana (Caracas, Venezuela)

Rock Boy Fresh (Los Angeles, Calif.)

Rod Melancon (Wright, LA.)

Rosemary & Garlic (Utrecht, Netherlands)

Royal Forest (Austin)

Ryan Playground (Montreal, Canada)

Sampson (Halifax, Canada)

Sass (Austin)

Savak (Brooklyn, NY.)

Schaffer the Darklord (New York, NY.)

Sego (Los Angeles, Calif.)

Shubzilla x Bill Beats (Seattle, WA.)

Small Houses (Austin)

Soia (Vienna, Austria)

Spaceboifresh (Dallas)

Subs (Beijing, China)

Suzi Wu (London, England)

T.Y.E. (Dallas)

Talos (Cork, Ireland)

Temple of Angels (Austin)

The Tissues (Los Angeles, Calif.)

Venzella Joy (Buffalo, NY.)

Victoria Canal (New York, NY.)

Weathers (Los Angeles, Calif.)

WebsterX (Milwaukee, WI.)

The Wet Secrets (Edmonton, Canada)

White Fang (Los Angeles, Calif.)

White Reaper (Louisville, KY.)

Wye Oak (Baltimore, MD.)

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