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Residual Kid’s Major Label Premiere

By Kevin Curtin, March 14, 2016, 11:45am, Earache!

Residual Kid burns down the backyard in a video for menacing new track “Scentless Princess,” the first taste of the homegrown grunge-punk trio’s upcoming Salsa EP, arriving just in time for South by Southwest. Could it really be four years since the last release from these teenage guitar smashers?

2012’s Faces EP lingers like a fuzzy memory, while subsequent recording sessions with alt-rock juggernauts Steve McDonald (Red Kross, Off!) and J Mascis remain unreleased. Luckily, six-string messenger and singer Deven Ivy and the Redman brothers rhythm section continue gaining momentum on the power of the threesome’s willfully destructive live shows. On that alone, they earned the stamp of approval from the music business legend responsible for signing Madonna, the Ramones, and Talking HeadsSeymour Stein, who then sccoped up the locals for his iconic Warner Bros. offshoot, Sire Records.

Residual Kid’s major label debut, hitting the marketplace April 8, blasts four tracks of grungy punk with hints of no wave and noise. Take this In Utero-inspired lead single as a harbinger of Salsa’s sonic barrage, binging on big guitars and the crushing complexity of Ben Redman’s drumming. The “Scentless Princess” clip, directed by Joshua Logan and Michael Anthony Gibson, zones in on Ivy, who flaunts a callous, sneering disposition as the band plays primal among smoke and trees.

The band stays busy this week at SXSW, including their day party at Frank on Thursday, hosted by walking music encyclopedia Matt Pinfield and featuring performances by Hinds, Beach Slang, Yuck, and Creepoid.

Residual Kid’s SXSW:

Tuesday @ Güero’s Taco Bar / 5pm – Casual Strangers Day Party

Wednesday @ Hole in the Wall / 1pm – Ranch by Chicken Ranch

Wednesday @ Shady Grove / 5pm – KLBJ-FM party

Thursday @ Frank / 4:15 pm – Residual Kid’s Biggest Little Day Party

Friday @ Valhalla  / 11:10pm – official SXSW showcase

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