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Earth, Wind & Fire Saves September

By Abby Johnston, September 4, 2014, 4:20pm, Earache!

September isn’t anyone’s favorite month, particularly Texans, who suffer through a fall devoid of seasonal splendor. You’re forced out of that lazy summer mindset, the first of the month constitutes your last holiday until Thanksgiving, and it’s still hot as blazes. Allow me to alter your outlook with an elemental approach, then: Earth, Wind & Fire.

September should win a spot among your top three months if for no other reason than you have an excuse to listen to EWF’s “September.” Every. Single. Day.

You can listen to it when you get up in the morning. You can dance into bed with it at night. In fact, if you go one single day this month without dancing to “September,” you’ve made a true mockery of the month.

The first seconds of the 1978 hit single – No. 1 on Billboard’s R&B chart and No. 8 overall – reel you in with a funky guitar lick, building until the Chicago ensemble’s horn blasts blow you into full-out disco bliss. Now you’re searching for a dance floor. At a red light, your car rocks back and forth with your body motion.

Next, you freak out your coworkers. When you execute a sudden but perfect pivot before strutting into the office, their jaws fall open. Earth, Wind & Fire’s rally cry takes the sting out of September quicker than a Federal holiday.

Why can’t we listen to it every single month? The answer’s along the same lines of why we simply can’t keep our Halloween or Christmas decorations up all year. “September” was gifted to us to celebrate one specific month. Christmas in July won’t fly here either.

So binge, back-to-schoolers. Blast it, you who’s still mourning the summer months. Revel in the sonic superiority of “September” so that this month takes on a new sense of wonderment. Dance like there’s no tomorrow – like every night is the “21st night of September.”


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