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New Music: The Well

By Kevin Curtin, August 18, 2014, 2:30pm, Earache!

Incense lit and tarot cards laid out, we anxiously await the materialization of the Well’s debut full-length, Samsara. The soothsaying Austin threesome predicts a platter of Seventies-style, slow-and-low metal dropping in a month’s time. A new 7-inch single foreshadows its arrival.

Guitarist/bandleader Ian Graham, bassist/co-vocalist Lisa Alley, and drummer Jason Sullivan make the most of a 45rpm record’s surface area on the five-plus minute “Mortal Bones,” a mountainous side of super-crunch guitar. In fact, its headbanging half-time grooves and Graham’s echoed bellowing sounds like the song was recorded in an actual well.

Church of Sabbath faithful with the pitch-black tones and driving rhythms, the Well also recall denim-clad contemporaries like Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats on “Mortal Bones.” Even then, they cut across strict genre worship, the locals having anchored the final installment of the Chronicle’s free music series, Paper Cuts, in February.

The Well’s big amps have occupied Austin stages for three years, and “Mortal Bones” marks a second slab of wax. The band’s initial 7-inch, “Seven,” sold out. The new tune arrives via vinyl Sept. 2 in a run of 500 that features B-side “I Bring the Light.”

The A-side also serves the lead single for Samsara, which arrives three weeks later, Sept. 23, on Riding Easy Records. Locals can snag an LP two days early when the Well perform at Waterloo Records Sept. 21.

Listen to “Mortal Bones” here, and why not pre-order the 7-inch from Riding Easy Records.

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