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SXSW Day Party: Tyler, the Creator

By Luke Winkie, March 13, 2014, 9:40pm, Earache!

With all due respect to all the other excellent acts playing the Scoot Inn’s Thrasher/Converse day party this afternoon – among the best of which was Toronto hardcore superheros Fucked Up – let’s not mince words. There’s only moment that will remain in my memory from Thursday: Tyler, the Creator.

Tyler and the rest of Odd Future, which made its name industry-wide at a Scoot Inn day party during SXSW 2011, are noted troublemakers, but this was still one of his best/worst moments. Immediately after taking the stage, he glanced over towards the line waiting outside. The Scoot Inn was at a soft capacity, with a couple hundred kids left in an endless queue.

“Hey, everybody out there waiting,” he yelled. “I want all of you to run in here at the same time.”

An uneasy look came over the doormen, who jumped into linebacker position, ready to block anybody’s attempt to follow their leader’s instructions. You can only keep chaos at bay for so long, unfortunately.

Moments later, the ranks broke and a few kids slipped through the door. The bouncers responded by closing the massive wooden gates. That wasn’t gonna do it.

“PUSH, PUSH, PUSH, PUSH!” ordered Tyler.

Those same wooden gates that had just been closed now sprung open, and at least a 100 would-be showgoers careened through the checkpoint. Hilarious, dangerous, iconic madness.

“Good, now that you’re all in here, we can get started.”

I don’t think there’s anyone in this whole world that Tyler, the Creator doesn’t like destroying.

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