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Born Traveler

By Margaret Moser, April 2, 2012, 4:26pm, Earache!

The email, as often happens, came forwarded to me through close connections. “Since her diagnosis of ovarian cancer and, also, with four other doctors in Houston, Traci Lamar Hancock decided to accept the help of hospice in her home.” The email continued.

“She'd begun to have more pain and fever which, as it turns out, was because the cancer had moved into her liver. She expressed her deep gratitude to everyone at the Shivers Cancer Center who she's bonded with in a special way.”

The phrase “decided to accept the help of hospice in her home” was sobering coming as it does from Conni, Traci's sister and partner with their mother Charlene in the Texana Dames and the rest of the clan in the Supernatural Family Band. Nevertheless, Conni describes Traci’s plans to visit friends in the Rockies with her son and having her yoga sessions done in-house.

Conni also gently discourages drop-in visits and requests email queries for those wanting audience. She also reminded all that the Hancock family is experienced at care giving. “We have a very real sense of what needs to take place.”

“Please rest assured,” she continues, “that Traci's a born traveler with no fear of the journey. From her parents, the life she's led and the Knowledge gained by way of Prem Rawat she's extremely strong inside and out and knows how to find the sense of adventure in all that she does. She responds to love and is very compassionate.

“Please keep in mind that she's gaining relief and, though we, her loved ones, feel the pain and grief of the fact that we could never have enough of Traci, it really helps her for us to be in the moment. Don't let your mind do a fast forward on ya! She's here - now - breathing the springtime air....”

“... Feel it....”

I should point out that Traci's father Tommy Hancock wrote the first letter the Chronicle ever received, and welcomed us to the planet. So we forward the news to the universe at large, on behalf of the Hancock branch of the Supernatural Family.

Here's the born traveler looking and sounding radiant on "Picture Cards."

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