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Encore Records Closing

By Raoul Hernandez, December 16, 2011, 2:49pm, Earache!

Encore Records, Video & Apparel owner Chuck Lokey was visibly shaken last night when I pulled into the parking lot of his video rental/metal emporium. Encore was closing. Standing in the cold drizzle, two friends looking for the right words, we noticed the rain had temporarily short-circuited the Encore sign above the doorway. We knew a sign when we saw one.

As briefed here in a 2008 Chronicle Best of Austin, Encore began in Garland in 1984, moved to the Arboretum in 1988, then onto Burnet and 183 for 13 years, and has been at 1745 West Anderson Lane for five years. Record and video store woes are well-known, and Lokey puts it best in the following email:

“We have battled the giants of Blockbuster, Hollywood, Netflix, and iTunes. We have put in long hours at little or no pay for over 27 years in four different locations. The economy, the Texas drought, and the giants have taken their final toll. We have braved these battles to create a unique store for the Austin market and each year seems a breath away from rounding that corner to success.

“You, our customers, have been wonderful. But I’m tired and don’t have the money or sales to carry on. Thank you for being there and supporting us, but we are closing. Please support our final store clearance, which is critical to our limited future. Your attention is appreciated and please have a nice day.”

Sincerely and sadly,
Charles Lokey

Give Chuck some love. Mention to him you heard Encore’s closing and its 20% off storewide beginning now. Otherwise, the clearance sale begins next Thursday.

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