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La Lotteria

By Austin Powell, August 13, 2010, 3:48pm, Earache!

It doesn’t take a detailed family tree to realize just how incestuous the Austin music scene is. Even so, the second annual musical grab bag known as La Lotteria, taking place tomorrow night at Red 7, is a social experiment/collaboration not quite like any other.

Here’s how it works. Ten local drummers drew four names each out of a hat last night, forming ten new bands. Each group basically has one day to write 20-25 minutes worth of new material – only one cover song is allowed – and rehearse before the free Saturday showcase. La Lotteria kicks off at 9pm. With members of Heartless Bastards, the Applicators, Gorch Fock, Manikin, the Strange Attractors, and the Chronicle’s own Mark Fagan taking part, there’s a strong chance you might see the debut from a Red River super-group.

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