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Signs Point to Carson Brock

By Livvy Bennett, June 4, 2010, 9:19am, Earache!

Feedback squeals before the impossibly catchy “Are You Ready?” brings a dimly-lit Antone’s to life. The crowd cheers excitedly as Carson Brock slowly reveals the contents of his new album, Signs.

“I love playing live because it gives me more of a challenge," Brock explains. "You can take your time in the studio but at live shows you are doing all of the songs in order down the set list, and you only have one shot to make them right.”

Accompanying Brock is Jake Draper on bass and Tommy Taylor, sitting in for drummer Wes Armstrong, adding a steady beat to Brock’s advanced licks and rock vocals. The set starts and ends strong and lasts about an hour, which seems far too short. Brock thanks fans profusely from the stage as excited audience members grab copies of the CD. “I hope it brings some kind of emotion to the listener," Brock says of Signs. I want them to feel the energy and the feeling that I felt when I recorded the track.” His favorite track is “Pretend,” a song warning others to never be someone you’re not with an almost Nirvanaesque sound.

Signs is about 45 minutes long, with 10 originals by Brock and one cover, “Come Together,” by the Beatles. “We recorded a rockier version of 'Come Together' by the Beatles, which we did at the last minute, to tell you the truth. That would be the most fun song I recorded because we just went in and played it the way we all felt it need to be played. I just went with my ideas and just blazed through the track with nothing but confidence in myself to do what I could.” Check here for future shows, pictures, and tunes.

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