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All You Need Is...

By Margaret Moser, February 12, 2009, 1:12pm, Earache!

My, but Saturday night is looking cheery on the club scene! Marcia Ball’s birthday soiree at Antone’s is one of many places to be on Valentine’s evening.

That Los Fabulocos show at the Continental ought to be a jolt of old-school Thunderbirds with a dose of Los Lobos but the style is all their own. Their recent self-titled CD featuring Kid Ramos (who did a stint with the T-Birds) has stayed in my player for the last couple of weeks, ratcheting up the volume on “Burning the Chicken.”

Pat MacDonald is at the Mean Eyed Cat that night, and though he’s spelling his name with capital letters in places I can’t keep up with, he is so badass he’s not to be missed. His self-termed “stomp rock” is wicked cool, so soul-scorching that if you went hoping to hear “The Future’s So Bright,” you won’t miss it. He’s teamed with electric cellist Melaniejane, expanding his one-man band format into sonic spaces yet undiscovered.

And here’s one that really appeals to me: Suzanna Choffel and Dan Dyer are teaming up for a Momo’s show called “Covers for Lovers and Others,” “cause we’ll be doing some fun love covers as well as originals,” wrote Choffel in a sweet little email. Really, it's the rare opportunity to hear two of Austin's best voices teaming up together. I’m making a list of requests.

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