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The AggreGAYtor: July 24

By David Estlund, July 24, 2014, 1:45pm, The Gay Place

Exxon makes nice (thanks, Obama), Texas' florists pine for marriage, and Comic Con services a gay agenda, as your AggreGAYtor pitches a kinky costume party.

The Good

Exxon Mobil will stop discriminating against queer folk, regardless of whether it changes its long-standing anti-gay policies on the books.

Once same-sex marriage hits Texas, we'll all eat strawberries and cream.

A U.S. ambassador has called for the end of HIV stigma and criminalization.

Andrew Cuomo pledges to gather queer data.

Going to Comic Con? Here's the gay agenda, now with more trans.

An 11-year-old Canadian girl is one of the first to fix her birth certificate.

Final Fantasy Pride is a thing that exists.

The Bad

You missed the AggreGaytor (July 22), and the AggreGAYtor (July 23) missed you.

It's tough out there for trans Southerners.

Gay porn star Bruno Knight has been arrested for carrying eight ounces of methamphetamine up his butt.

The Fugly

Marco Rubio thinks we should be more tolerant of those who deny us our rights.

Cakes for quacks, not for queers. Nuff said.

Wisconsin's attorney general doesn't believe in marriage rights or Roe v. Wade.

Being gay is demonic. And smelly.

Bathrooms are exactly like church: exclusive and restricted.

It Came from the Tubes

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