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The AggreGAYtor: April 25

By David Estlund, April 25, 2014, 9:30am, The Gay Place

Texas is goin' to the chapel, Oregon may be next, and Regnerus keeps being misused, as your AggreGAYtor throws a purple wedding.

The Good

Texas’ marriage ban has been ruled unconstitutional. [Aggregaytor drops the mic, then walks back and picks it up]

Oregon’s marriage ban, without a defense, is getting careful treatment from the partnered gay federal judge hearing its challenge.

There’s a circuit party happening in South Padre, and your AggreGAYtor has neither the beach bod, the disposable income, nor the vacation time to go.

Reading is fundamental, and Lambda Literary has some recommendations.

The Bad

A gay veteran’s final wish to be buried with her partner is being denied by the state of Idaho.

The Boy Scouts of America are going to have to keep slogging along in their fight against inclusiveness.

Uganda continues its spiral into dangerous public health consequences in its anti-gay pogrom.

The Fugly

That Regnerus study keeps making the rounds. Thank goodness it has patient debunkers.

It Came from the Tubes


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