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The AggreGAYtor: February 20

By David Estlund, February 20, 2014, 9:25am, The Gay Place

Louisiana may step ahead of the south, Mississippi gets tokened, and Vladimir Luxuria, as your AggreGAYtor mourns the death of a fascinating mode of communication because stupid.

The Good

House of Cardsis totes queer, and this season took a hard left turn into feminism. (Spoilers!)

After their Shreveport victory, Louisianians are looking to bring inclusive workplace protections statewide.

In some places like Mississippi, simply being acknowledged is a big step forward.

Vladimir Luxuria speaks up about her recent detention for protesting in Sochi, which means we get to say Vladimir Luxuria again. Vladimir Luxuria. That’s hot.

The Bad

Internalized homophobia causes cancer.

Nigerians are being forced to flee the LGBTQ crackdown at home.

The Fugly

A fresh new local “think tank” is ruining the brilliant medium first established by RSA Animate. Oh, and sexism. Lots. Oh, and maybe a clearer idea of why the war on women includes fighting contraception.

Ted Nugent is a batsh*t crazy racist, and Greg Abbott apparently thinks that’s awesome.

Ted Cruz tried (and failed) to get GOProud kicked out of CPAC.

It Came from the Tubes

The Colbert Report
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This is what making complex ideas simple enough to share easily looks like, and now it’s sadly being abused. (Warning: This one’s from a Marxist. There are others, but the facts are the same. Don't be scurrrd.)

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