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The AggreGAYtor: January 17

, January 17, 2014, 2:30pm, The Gay Place

Team Hillary gets queer, Laverne Cox pens a memoir, and homophobes continue their strange obsession with gay sex, as your AggreGAYtor peeps Babylon's back room.

The Good

Laverne Cox is writing an autobiography; it’s already in our must-read lists.

Best New Year's resolution: get comfortable in our skins.

Hillary came out as a Queer as Folk fan.

Derek Jarman died of AIDS-related complication 20 years ago, but his legacy lives on.

Wedding bells in Utah may have stopped, but couples who made it can still file jointly on their tax returns.

The Bad

California’s transgender protections may not be evenly enforced, if this girl’s story is an example.

LGBTQ folks sometimes want kids; medical establishments ought not stop them.

The Fugly

Some Oklahoma conservatives still think being gay is a lifestyle choice, and a wrong one.

The Duck Dynasty faux-billies are back, with little discussion of recent controversy.

Tony Perkins thinks gay sex is so appealing that straight people would disappear if we stopped anti-gay abuse.

It Came from the Tubes

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