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Tops and Bottoms of 2013

By Rob Cohen, January 8, 2014, 4:20pm, The Gay Place

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it's over. Here are my picks for the best shizz of 2013.


1) THE RETURN OF MR. AUSTIN LEATHER/AUSTIN GEARS I'm so proud to be part of the growing fetish community and the Austin Gears. The first winner of Mr. Austin Leather in 10 years, Peter, is an awesome representative for our burgeoning scene.

2) POO POO PLATTER This smorgasbord of drag delights has been a steady source of entertainment and debauchery. Here's to another year.

3) AMERICAN HORROR STORY If you're camp and horror lovin' check out the Coven.

4) MARRIAGE EQUALITY We're here, we're queer, get used to it! With the death of DOMA and Prop 8 being gay in the U.S.A just keeps getting better.

5) SO MANY QUEER PARTIES TO CHOOSE FROM Mouthfeel, Colin Bass, the one and only Ursula, the Shame collective, and so many more are making sure you always have somewhere to shake your tooty fruity booty.

6) GAYBIGAYGAY This is the perfect popped cherry on top of SXSW.

7) PRIDE/QUEERBOMB Celebrating homosexuality in Austin is so nice we do it twice.

8) THE CRYSTAL ARK From their party earlier this year, to their U-Ship SXSW gig, this duo had us under their disco spell.

9) SPLASH My first one ever was wet and wild.

10) MY FIRST BIG PRINT PIECE On a more personal note, I had my 1st big print piece this year with my Pride interview for the lovely, personable, and oh-so talented duo of Double Duchess.


1) LOSING LOU REED He's up there with the heavenly wine and roses now. His music will always be a major part of me.

2) POPPERS PRICE INFLATION The government crack down leads to increased difficulty getting things down your crack.

3) GOODBYE CHEER UP CHARLIE'S This place will always have the soft spot in my heart as the scene of one of my biggest gigs, the Strange Powers premiere party.

4) GOODBYE BERNADETTES Another beloved gay bar, home of the Gay Place's Mail Art event, and many more fabulous times, is gone but not forgotten.

5) THE RED ROOM CONTROVERSY Oh you don't let queers in? Then you die! Rest in poop.

6) RUSSIA Our money and people should not go their way until they are pro-gay. Even releasing Pussy Riot is not good enough.

7) DAYNA MORALES Crying wolf on discrimination is totally disrespectful to those dealing with real bigotry.

8) THE FLOODS A lot of folks had their lives turned upside down by the flooding in November and many are still picking up the pieces. Rain, rain go away.

9) GAY RIGHTS IN TEXAS While many states are becoming more gay friendly we still have sodomy laws, benefits not being honored, and many more hurdles in our progress.

10) INDIA AND AUSTRAILIA MOVE BACKWARDS These two countries join Russia in regressing on gay rights.

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