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Althea Trix Wins Drag Survivor All Stars

By Claire Gordon, January 5, 2014, 6:35pm, The Gay Place

Drag Survivor All Stars hostess, Ms. Kelly Kline crowned the winner of the competition on Wednesday, bestowing Althea Trix with the title, tiara, and bragging rights. Trix, Erika Lorenk, and Mia Flirt, the finalists, competed in three challenges to show their versatility and skills.

The first round, Illusion, saw Trix channeling Prince in all his purple glory.

In the Lady Gaga round, Trix began the show in a demure plaid shirt and jeans, reading a bible as the first strains of "Born This Way" came through the speakers. As the song progressed, she stripped down to reveal a nude full-body leotard emblazoned with the various slurs she has been called, the word "faggot" across her chest in thick black letters and "spic" across her crotch.

Once fully revealed, she pulled another item out of her bag of tricks: A long white coat with her rebuttal to the insults. In bright colors, she had written "caring," "mentor." "artist," and other terms she uses to describe herself. The most important, and touching, word was found on the center of her back: "Human."

The finalists had been asked to include an "It Gets Better" message as part of their performance, and Trix had seamlessly added it into her Gaga round. As the song ended, she explained further.

“Everybody can throw words at you, no matter how negative they are, we give those words the power. We can take that word and make it our own, that’s what I wanted to do with that concept today. I wanted to take all those negative words that everybody has thrown my way and show you that, you know what? I’m going to put on a positive coat. This is about being me and choosing how I want to represent myself.”

The final round was Contestant’s Choice. Performing to Die Antwoord, Trix came out in a skintight silver snakeskin and black lace bodysuit with a headpiece made of clear and black plastic tubing, which created a fantastic alien dreadlock effect.

As congratulations began to pour out, in person and online, Trix remained humble and grateful, thanking her supporters, competitors and all those involved in making Drag Survivor a success.

Kelly Kline returns to host Drag Survivor: Hunger Games, with the winners of past seasons competing against each other, Wednesday January 8, 11pm at OilCan Harry's.

Althea Trix can be seen at Sunday Church at Castro's Warehouse and Friday, Jan. 10 at Elysium, where she will be performing with Poo Poo Platter.

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Trix was interviewed by Claire Gordon and recently featured in an article and video in The Daily Texan.

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