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By Rob Cohen, August 7, 2012, 11:30am, The Gay Place

No one is more bored of this whole chickerfuffle than I am, so I'll keep this short and sweet.

Team ProHomo held a protest at Chick-Fil-A this past Friday, and I was there to capture the action.

About 40 people showed up for a very relaxed protest. The staff of Starbucks next door were super friendly, handing out samples of delish goo and letting us use their bathroom. The chicken peddlers we were protesting were pretty nice about the whole thing, handing out free sandwiches inside and water outside, with big goofy "Please don't kill me" smiles. We heard rumors of an inside mirror being broken earlier in the day. Many people driving by were honking in support. A very cute kid gave us all a thumbs down driving by. Wait about 15 years for his bareback porn debut.

The whole kiss-in aspect was lost on most people. I've said it before, Austin, you are not weird. You are really prudish. The event was billed as a kiss-in! Kiss someone!

What, if anything, we accomplished is anyone's guess, but overall it was a fun, chill evening, and I got some free nom-noms, so it was a success.

Smarter people than I [Whatever, dude... –editor] have tackled this issue on our blog, so read up on those if you want more in-depth politics. Click the link above the picture up there to enjoy the gayllery.

Special thanks to Carey Neal Dunn. There would be no pictures without him. Plenty more photo action on the events Facebook page.

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