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Three bands I am so over…

There's music you probably wouldn't like if it we're released today, but because of your history together, you enjoy it. Mine are Marilyn Manson, Smashing Pumpkin's Adore, Hole's Celebrity Skin, etc. Then there's the opposite: the stuff you once liked that now never gets played. I'll admit it's fun to poop on things sometimes, so here goes.

Here are three groups I'm so over.

LCD Soundsystem

Their swan song documentary Shut Up and Play the Hits just hit theaters, and James Murphy was just on Fallon, so now is the perfect time to crap on him.

In no way is their music awful, but there's not a lot of replay value in what is essentially pretty boring electronic music. I've just acquired everything Richard D. James has ever done, so that's where my head is at with electronica. There are some exceptions. "Someone Great" is warm and more complex than most. On top of that, there is Murphy's detatched, smarmy hipster-to-hip-replacement laments, which don't really strike an emotional chord (some might call that white people problems) for me. Shut Up and Play the Hits? How about just shut up?

To be fair, there are exceptions, like "All My Friends" which features the line, "Where are my friends tonight?" We have all felt on Saturday night. And the aforementioned "Someone Great" touches on a more universal concept of mortality.

Arcade Fire

They will always have a soft spot in my heart, but man, am I bored with this group. They have slowly been sanding off the rough edges to their music and heading into MOR territory. The listening experience has become increasingly dour. Just check out their recent contribution to the Hunger Games soundtrack for proof of how heavy handed the group have become. I have no clue why their last and worst album The Suburbs, was lauded so much. Besides the joyful "Heart of Glass" cousin, "Sprawl 2," the music lost much of it's texture, and the lyrical content has become more eye-rolling than inspirational. Let's not even get into how poor a singer Regine Chassange is. Their first two albums are pretty good, but at this point have no replay value for me. I will forget about this group for a while. I'll probably be back, but for now, I'm over it!

The Rapture

More early 2000s rock to poop on. What a time! Napster, the rise of popism, post-punk fetishism, and the trade of guitars for turntables. I was immersing myself in so much music it was dizzying. Enter the Rapture, with their angular (buzz word I'm so over) shake, rattle, and roll and hyper-hype.

There once was something very fresh to this group, but even at the time I felt their debut didn't deserve such high placement on year-end critics lists, mostly due to the glut of lame ballads. On the other hand, the dancier numbers still stand up if you play them sparingly. A couple years later we got Pieces of the People We Love. Man, what a stinker! This boring, corny album just narrowly missed being a permanent staple of the used bin by being released during the death of the CD. It is last decade's Monster. Backlash + lack of innovation + increasingly shrill, annoying vocals = I'm done. "The Devil" is still pretty decent I guess. They released a new album recently. It was more of the same cheesy pomp-punk that didn't hold my attention at all, though I admittedly didn't give it much of chance. I feel bad writing this much about a group I don't care about anymore. Zzzzzz.

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