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National Taco Day’s on Tuesday This Year

By Wayne Alan Brenner, October 3, 2022, 4:05pm, On the Range

Not that anybody ever eats tacos in this town.

Exactly like how nobody’s performed any live music here since Liberty Lunch closed, right?


You get it: Austin’s all about the tacos, and we never wait until Tuesday just because there’s a bit of alliteration to be had.

To hell with alliteration, we want our tacos and we want them now. Give us barbacoa and melted cheese and refried beans and puerco al pastor and freshly chopped onions and jalapeños and grilled chicken that’s been marinated in Shiner Bock for hours and –

But, yeah, when it’s both Taco Tuesday and National Taco Day at the same time? Reckon we can agree something special’s going on. Like, you don’t have to accept the goofy-ass bullshit of astrology to yearn for a bigger telescope when some rare celestial event’s about to occur, right? Whether it’s syzygy or perfectly cooked carne asada in a cradle of crisp lettuce on a warm tortilla, we’re there for it.

Well, here’s something else to be there for on Tuesday, October 4th, in Austin: The Tacodeli x Free Vital Farms Eggs deal.

From the get-go, we know there’s something good going on – because we already love what Tacodeli dishes out every day of the week. And we’ve had Vital Farms eggs, from their grass-fed, pasture-raised chickens; which chickens, we’ve seen, are remarkably happy – especially for creatures that are pretty much whatever’s left over from that whole velociraptor fad of evolutionary millennia past, right? And so we’re … oh, what’s the word? Stoked? Yes! We’re totally stoked that, on Oct. 4, the first 100 guests at any of the Tacodeli locations around Austin (except the airport), will get, with whatever taco they order, a coupon for a free carton of Vital Farms eggs.

For real, that’s a carton of the finest damn eggs around, just for buying the taco you were already gonna buy. Hell, you don’t even have to go in the store – you can do to-go or whatever through your favorite app and still get that coupon.

[Note: You can redeem those Vital Farms coupons for eggs at H-E-B, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Target, and – oh, look: Here’s a handy store locator to find the most convenient location near you.]

So, that’s one thing – and it’s delicious and healthy and Texas af.

And we already told you – at the end of last week’s Food News Buffet – about what national chain Taco Cabana is doing on Tuesday …

And, at the rightfully popular El Chilito, all the tacos will be available for $3 each …

And, at Chuy’s, you can add a crispy or soft ground beef taco to any entrée for a dollar – which doesn’t seem all that special, right? But! But check this out, citizen: If you dress yourself up like a taco and social-media a photo of that, tagged with #ChuysTacoDay, you can head over to their nearest location for a free, dine-in entrée of your choice …

And of course you can get some tacos at Eldorado Cafe and understand full well why they’re No. 1 on our Food Editor’s 10 Favorite Austin Restaurants list …

Or head a little East and learn why De Nada Cantina’s tacos (and margaritas) are tops on your Food Lieutenant’s yet-unpublished list …

Or maybe partake at one of the mobile miracles revealed in Evan Rodriguez’s Brief Guide to Some of Austin's Many Tiny Taco Shops or in this fresh round-up of taco-centric talent

And you know those Kamburis Brothers at Satellite will be supercharging their regular Greek-inflected take on Taco Tuesday …

And surely nobody needs to tell you again about the brilliance of Suerte and Nixta Taqueria, right?

And – okay, yeah, just, um, just don’t eat too many of the things, mmmkay?

A little moderation with your masa, maybe? A little restaurant restraint? Foodie, please.

Yes, even when National Taco Day falls on Taco Tuesday.

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