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What ARE You Doing for Valentine’s Weekend?

By Wayne Alan Brenner, February 7, 2022, 9:00am, On the Range

Yes, that weekend is coming up again.
And what are you planning to do about it, lover?

Of course, there’s a more basic question: WTF even is Valentine’s Day?

But then, having grokked that arcane concept, what are you going to do by way of treating your beloved – or (nods to the whole poly crowd) your beloveds – to something special in commemoration of how they make your little heart go boom-boom-boom?


This is the Austin Chronicle, and we’ve got some suggestions for you.

Dinner is a big thing, for sure: A romantic meal, whether at home or beyond, is a longtime go-to for celebrating Valentine’s Day with. And, boy howdy, do we have a plethora of delicious options recommended for you among our usual Food Events listings. But damned if we don’t include another one or two of those in this more general round-up:


1. Fierce Whiskers x Texas Sushiko
Fierce Whiskers, that local powerhouse of potent potables, and chef Michael Carranza of Texas Sushiko have partnered to provide the first installment in the Fierce Whiskers Chef Series. Chef Carranza will transform the Fierce Whiskers cocktail bar at 5333 Fleming Court into a sushi bar for an intimate dining experience, wherein you’ll enjoy a 17-course omakase with four cocktail pairings. That’s in the distillery’s elegant tasting room, with sunset views and glimpses into where the spirits are made onsite, at a dinner that also reveals the story of those spirits and the methodology behind Carranza’s dishes. Note: There will be three seatings of 12 people, and each seating will last 1.5 hours, with sushi bar and table ticket options. Tickets are $200 (this is premium sushi and tipples we’re talking about) and can be ordered right here for Mon., Feb. 14, at 5pm, 7pm, and 9pm.


2. Singing Valentines from A Cappella
You want to surprise your boo with the serenading of four dapper dudes, live and in-person, smoothly rocking that four-part harmony? Seems like it’d be a memorable and potentially swoonworthy experience, especially in this music-forward city, right? Well – such an experience can be provided by the golden throats of A Cappella Texas – the Austin chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society. You can place your order now – the prices start at $60 and include two songs, a Valentine’s card, and a long-stemmed red rose – and those suave singers will be at your location, as scheduled, between noon-6pm on Sat., Feb. 12, or 9am-6pm on Mon., Feb 14.


3. Cupid's Cup from Adagio Teas
The limited-time Cupid’s Cup from Adagio Teas is a blend of hibiscus, strawberry, and vanilla that’ll warm the cockles of any tea-lover’s heart – and it comes packaged appropriately for this all-too-fleeting season of love. The NJ-based purveyors of fine botanicals for brewing (perhaps best known for their Fandom Blends celebrating the love of such storyworlds as Doctor Who and Gravity Falls and the Magus Archives, among many others), these modern wizards are offering custom-made boxes that include a tin of tea and your choice of infuser mug ($29) – and they’ve got a variety of other specials (and all their usual herbal wonderments, too) available for slaking your reality-wracked thirst with. Bonus: You’ll get a free pouch of the Cupid’s Cup if you order $59 or more by Feb. 14th.


4. Drive-In Valentines at the Blue Starlite
Dinner and a movie? Well, the meals won’t be quite as awesome as they will be when the two new Blue Starlites open – as Richard Whittaker reports right here – but Josh Frank’s small (so far) empire of big outdoor screens and tasty noms is already set to offer you a romantic time and a half at the Mueller and Downtown locations, with films like 16 Candles, The Princess Bride, The Notebook, Roman Holiday, Punch Drunk Love, and more (through Feb. 14) illuminating a classic-as-it-gets date night for you and your heart’s desire. Right there in the coziness of your favorite car, a professionally wrought cinematic experience to defy the starry darkness, ah, you’ll be glowing like the metal on the edge of a knife.


5. The Contemporary Austin: Valentine's Sale
We reckon, especially with all the hullaballoo about the new Daniel Johnston mural at Seventh & Congress, that you know where the Contemporary Austin museum is – and that the Contemporary’s also behind the sculpture-studded woodsiness of Laguna Gloria. Then you should also know, art-lover, that their gift shops are celebrating this Valentine’s season with a sale (from Feb. 7-14) during which you can get 15% off your purchases. And – you’ve been there, right? To the Downtown location? Or to Laguna Gloria? So you’re aware of the bright array of giftworthy goodness that’s displayed on the tables and shelves of those shops? Yes! Bonus: You don’t even have to leave your current location, unless you want to – these discounts will be valid through the museum’s online shop as well.

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