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Recipe: Meridian Hive's Boozy Cherry Vanilla Coke

By Kimberley Jones, October 14, 2021, 5:10pm, On the Range

There’s nothing hard about honey – usually. Sticky and drippy are adjectives you’re more likely to hear. But in the case of the Meridian Hive, the hard in Hard Honey means you’re in for some boozy business.

The Austin-based company makes honey-based alcohol with real fruit and botanicals that can be sipped alone or used as the base for a craft cocktail. In celebration of our Drinks Issue and arrival of fall, Meridian Hive shared with us this recipe for Boozy Cherry Vanilla Coke. Here’s what they have to say about the slushy concoction:

Cherry is Meridian Hive’s seasonal treasure. Made with vanilla, almond and cinnamon, it’s a deliciously drinkable version of your favorite holiday pie. (If your favorite holiday pie could get you buzzed, that is.)

Boozy Cherry Vanilla Coke

6 oz of Meridian Hive Cherry

6 oz of Coca-Cola

3 oz of Vanilla Vodka

3 cups of ice

Read more about Meridian Hive in Wayne Alan Brenner's 2014 profile, "Mead in the Heart of Texas."

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