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Austin’s Cookie Rich Brings the Cream-Sealed Goodness to You

By Wayne Alan Brenner, December 10, 2020, 11:00am, On the Range

You know, we’re certainly tickled that superstar songstress Mariah Carey has a cookie-delivery biz going here in the ATX.


(Because, oh boy, media celebrities, amirite?)

Still, we’re all about Tiff’s Treats when it comes to cookie deliveries, because Tiff’s cookies look about the same as that pop star’s cookies, at least, and we’re already familiar – way too familiar, our bathroom scale suggests – with how delicious those Treats are.

And, besides, Tiff’s is a hometown phenomenon started by a UT sophomore and her boyfriend back in the day, so … but – hold on, let’s talk about Cookie Rich for a minute here!

Because Cookie Rich is a brand new cookie-delivery company started by someone who isn't a celebrity (yet).

Cookie Rich, opening today, is the culinary creation of a native Austinite named Lorin Peters, who started the business to provide more sweet joy to a pandemically thwarted populace, and what she’s offering doesn’t look like the usual, uh, cookie-shaped cookie action.


Surely there’s an image accompanying this post, so you can see for yourself, yes? But we’ll just note that these Cookie Rich delights are a sort of cross between a cookie and a cakeball – a sort of moister, fluffier macaron, almost – and that’s because each one consists of two small cookie hemispheres with a delectable filling that seals the whole thing together.

And everything’s made from scratch, of course.

So you look at these things, and you taste them, and you’re like, “Whoa, what did this Chef Peters do? Work at The French Laundry?” And when the answer to that question is “Actually, yes, she did,” you’re not so surprised. Because these sweet morsels are … how do the kids say it? They’re tasty AF, is what they are.

Also, right now being the traditional give-everybody-gifts season, it doesn’t hurt that you can order them in boxed assortments that are as elegantly Instagrammable as the cookies themselves. Those folks at Smith Brand and Hope Meng Design, tell you what: They sure know how to impress people.

But, yeah, even more than the remarkable looks, it’s the taste of these cookies that will ultimately help Lorin Peters and her new culinary endeavor succeed or not. And, with flavors like Pumpkin + Cream Cheese, Chocolate Chip + Dark Chocolate Fudge, Peanut Butter + Grape Jelly, Lemon Sugar + Lemon Pudding, and more, we reckon success is where Cookie Rich is headed.

Probably wind up catering a few Austin-based Mariah Carey concerts in the post-Covid years, come to think of it …

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