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Win Free Easy Tiger Bread for a Year

By Wayne Alan Brenner, August 16, 2020, 6:00pm, On the Range

Yes, Easy Tiger's acclaimed dough-punchers are looking for the best toast recipes – from the ultimate avocado vehicle, to your wildest culinary creations – and the winner will be nomming, gratis, on this city's best bread for an entire year.


We don't know anyone around here who doesn't love the Tiger's baked goods. And we also know that pretty much everybody knows how to make toast – and that there's an, um, Particularly Robust Subset of that group that also has an array of delicious recipes, that has concocted some toast-based treats that might even merit the category of Keeping Austin Weird, y'know what we mean?

But anybody's got a chance in a contest like this. And maybe that anybody is you.

So we figured we'd better mention this yeasty opportunity, in case you hadn't already seen it on Instagram or wherever. Because Instagram is the medium for this message: Post your recipe and photo there and tag @easytigeratx and #EasyTigerToast.

Note: The contest runs through August 22; they'll announce the grand prize winner on August 23; and someone's gonna be a very happy toastmaster.

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