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Drink Coffee and Save Pups

By Wayne Alan Brenner, May 20, 2020, 2:45pm, On the Range

No, no, they’re not local like most of the excellent roasters that we feature in the Chronicle.


But Jordan Karcher ’s Chicago-based company has teamed up with Austin Pets Alive! to help fund the local Parvo Puppy ICU that’s saved thousands of at-risk dogs from being euthanized, so, yes, we’re gonna give them some pixels here. Because puppies, maaaaan.

Let’s mention that Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. has previously partnered with animal rescue organizations in Pittsburgh and Northern California and elsewhere, that their coffee is 100% organic and fair-trade certified, and that they donate 20% of all profits to rescue organizations all over the country.

(Since starting in 2014, they've provided more than a million shelter meals, 2,250 vaccinations, 2,000 microchips, and have worked with 350 rescue organizations.)

More to the point, 100% of the proceeds from sales of Grounds & Hounds’ Rescue Roast Blend will go to Austin Pets Alive! through June 15.

In addition to the humane angle here, java fiends might like to know that Rescue Roast is a blend of Latin and South American coffees that “create a full-bodied, velvet-smooth beverage, beautifully balanced tasting notes, with distinct notes of caramel and dark chocolate, followed by more subtle notes of raisin and toasted pecan on the finish.”

Yeah, you know how coffee lovers are: Some of them actually talk like that.

The dogs, though …most of what they say is something along the lines of “Woof!”

Which, in this case, probably means “Thank you, caring human.”

Note: You can order some Rescue Roast Blend right here.

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