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Recipe Videos? From Suerte, Barley Swine, and More?

By Wayne Alan Brenner, April 9, 2020, 6:00pm, On the Range

Premise: The only thing better than helping others is helping others and simultaneously scoring something awesome for yourself.


Please excuse our enthusiasm here, citizen. Our heavy use of italics and the overworked “awesome,” too?

But the idea that a growing array of Austin’s finest chefs are providing how-to-make-it videos of some of their best dishes … the idea that we get to watch those videos after we donate a mere $25 to Hands for Austin Restaurants, which is something we want to do anyway

Knock us over with a feather shaped like a tiny Julia Child, but this is a stunningly good idea!

(It’s also an excellent complement to our own ever-expanding Chronicle Cooking collection of locally sourced recipes.)

Listen: Recipe videos will be released weekly and are accessible via the Hands for Austin Restaurants website (donors will be provided with a password to enable access). All donations will go to the participating restaurants’ employees. Participating restaurants include Suerte, Buenos Aires Cafe, parkside, Malibu Poke, Tillie’s, Komé, and Barley Swine … and more will be announced soon.

We can hardly wait until our beloved eateries are able to reopen, and we miss them like crazy already. But, you know? Before they do return, we might, with these videos and enough self-isolated practice, be able to cook at least one of their tasty dishes just as well ourselves.

Ah, let’s get to it!

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