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Weekend Wine: Light, Crisp, Refreshing, and Just Right for a Texas Summer

By Wes Marshall, May 11, 2019, 7:16am, On the Range

Riesling is one of the wines best suited for people who love adventurous food. I’m not talking about your Uncle Joe who waxes rhapsodic about Golden Corral’s latest ultra-sweet sauce engulfing their “barbecued” ribs.


But if the idea of a new Indonesian rijsttafel restaurant or a Mexican restaurant specializing in the seafood preparations from Huatulco lights your rockets, I have your wine.

The Trimbach family has made wine in Alsace since 1626, making it one of the area’s oldest wineries. Trimbach’s Riesling ($18) is one of their most famous offerings and is also one of the least expensive wines they make. If your experience with the grape is that all Rieslings are sugar-bombs, Trimbach’s proudly bone dry version might be a shock. Allow it to share a table with G’Raj Mahal’s Goat Kashmiri, or Three Cup Chicken from Pao’s Mandarin House and you will understand why chef’s around the world love this grape and this wine. It is a lightly floral white wine with crisp acidity that is so dry, you can pair it with everything from the most delicate seafoods to an oh-my-God-my-mouth-is-on-fire Thai curry from Madam Mam’s.

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