Texas Craft Brewers Festival Unveils List of Brews

77 ways for you to capitalize on the celebration of suds

Hey everyone! It’s time to break out one of my favorite yearly beer stats, which isn’t really a stat at all, but a giant list of all the statewide beers that will be pouring at the annual Texas Craft Brewers Festival over in Fiesta Gardens (see the full bill below).

As fake stats go, this one has all the mathematical grit and moxie that proves Texas is the by gawd leader in creative brewing kickassery. Take that Michigan! Move on down the D-list, Oregon! Keep self-branding, Vermont!

Photo by John Anderson

This year, the TCBF showcases 77 experts of the kettles. Seventy-seven! That’s like one for each of your anthropomorphic hop tattoos. But wait, it gets better. This year there are several noteworthy breweries making their TCBF debut, like Vista Brewing from Driftwood, who are creatively re-accostoming traditional beer recipes to all those wine jerks out in Hill Country; Family Business Brewing over in Dripping Springs whose celebrity co-founder and Supernatural actor man, Jensen Ackles, is attracting the long-coveted undead cosplay demographic to go handsomely with craft beer’s current gaggle of lardy, middle-aged beer nerds; and finally, Houston’s Great Heights Brewing who are undoubtedly sick and goddamned tired of absorbing Postal Service puns. There are several other breweries showing up for the first time that we didn’t mention, but who also plan on getting you pretty drunky with pastry beer and niche 90s cultural references, so explore away.

Of course, the state’s legacy acts will also be showing out, like the ABGB, who is savoring their potential as one of Texas greatest breweries as reigning two-time Large Brewpub of the Year recipients (and have brought an American Lager to prove it). Then there’s Live Oak, who makes fascinating smoked lagers (like festival dime, Lichtenhainer) for those of you out there still unironically rockin’ Steph Curry 2s. And of course, Real Ale Brewing, who is like 400 years old and still dominating like it’s the YMCA Open Gym of beer. Make it rain, Real Ale.

Austin Beerworks (Photo by Jana Birchum)

But, you might be wondering, with limited sobriety and a 4½-hour window, what are the must-hits of the festival? How about a Brut IPA? Yep, everything you heard about juicy, hazy IPAs being the beer-of-the-moment was just a hideous lie and the plot twist is that the whole industry is now ga-ga about exactly the opposite of NEIPAs only a year later with bone-dry, bubbly Brut IPAs. There are a couple of examples at this year’s festival to woo you, like Brazos Valley’s Greetings From Brenham and NXNW’s Brutylicous. But if you really insist on having that ancient relic of a beer style, this festival is still loaded with great NEIPA options, like Last Stand’s Fuzzieluscious, Hi Sign’s Hi-C, and Great Heights’ Fruity Pellets.

Myself, I’m using all of my tickets on Circle Brewing’s Beto Beer (pale ale) because I’m way into cussin’ and rock & roll and Whataburger and super against zodiac killin’.

Texas Craft Brewers Festival
Saturday, Sept. 29, 2-6:30pm
Fiesta Gardens
VIP: (sold out, noon access to festival)
GA: ($35 includes eight, 3-ounce pours with 2PM entry)
Designated Driver: $15 (2pm/noon access with a VIP. Includes complimentary non-alcoholic drinks and snacks.)
Eight additional, 3-oz sample tix for $5/transaction
21+ only
For tickets and FAQs, please refer to our booze overlords at the TCBF eventbrite site.

The TCBF List:

(512) Brewing (Austin) | Cryo Juicy IPA
(512) Brewing (Austin) | Wild Bear (Foeder-aged wild ale)
8th Wonder Brewery (Houston) | Dome Faux'm (Cream Ale)
8th Wonder Brewery (Houston) | Haterade (Gose)

Circle Brewing (Photo by Jana Birchum)
Adelbert's Brewery (Austin) | Hibiscus Saison
Adelbert's Brewery (Austin) | Lagerboy Pilsner
Adelbert's Brewery (Austin) | Travelin' Man (Rotating Hop IPA)
Adelbert's Brewery (Austin) | Tripel B (Tripel)
Alamo Beer Company (San Antonio) | Alamo German Pale Ale
Alamo Beer Company (San Antonio) | Alamo White (Belgian Wit)
Armadillo Ale Works (Denton) | Honey Please (Mesquite Bean Blonde Ale)
Armadillo Ale Works (Denton) | Land Yacht (IPA)
Austin Beerworks | Black Thunder (Black Lager)
Austin Beerworks | Heavy Machinery Wet Hop IPA
Austin Beerworks | Lazer Salad (Double IPA)
Austin Beerworks | Montecore (Oktoberfest)
The Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co. | Happy Pounds (American-style Lager)
The Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co. | Sunny (Saison)

Back Pew Brewing (Porter) | Black Habit (Schwarzbier)
Back Pew Brewing (Porter) | Blue Testament (American Pilsner/Pre-prohibition Lager)
Barrow Brewing (Salado) | Evil Catfish (IPA)
Barrow Brewing (Salado) | Mystery of the Deep (DIPA)
Bearded Fox Brewing (Tomball) | Aunt Rose (Red Helles Lager)
Bearded Fox Brewing (Tomball) | G.O.A.T. (Imperial IPA)
Big Bend Brewing (Alpine) | Alpine White (Witbier)
Big Bend Brewing (Alpine) | Balmorhea w/ watermelon & tangerine (Imperial Berliner Weisse)
Big Bend Brewing (Alpine) | Charles Prince of Whalez (Pastry Stout)
Big Bend Brewing (Alpine) | Old Love (Barleywine)
Black Star Co-op (Austin) | It's Not A Pneuma (Super Hoppy Pale Ale)
Black Star Co-op (Austin) | Roze Sap (Sour Guava Ale)
Blue Owl Brewing (Austin) | Cool & the Gang (Sour English Mild w/ Earl Grey Tea)
Blue Owl Brewing (Austin) | Citra Fresh Hopped Little Boss (Sour session wheat w/ fresh hops)
Blue Owl Brewing (Austin) | SMash SMaSH (Single-Malt-and-Single-Hop Sour IPA)
Blue Owl Brewing (Austin) | Tiki Hop Totem (Sour IPA w/ tropical tiki fruit)
Bluebonnet Beer Company (Round Rock) | Trophy Buckle IPA (American IPA)
Bluebonnet Beer Company (Round Rock) | Oktoberfest (Oktoberfest / Marzen)
Braman Brewery (Richmond) | Running Walker Hefeweizen
Braman Brewery (Richmond) | Running Walker Pale Ale
Brazos Valley Brewing (Brenham) | Greetings from Brenham TX (Brut IPA)
Brazos Valley Brewing (Brenham) | Willin' Pale (Mosaic-Hopped Pale Ale)
The Brewer's Table (Austin) | UnBavarian Super Fancy (Field Lager)
The Brewer's Table (Austin) | Vor Ort (American Lager)
The Brewtorium (Austin) | Electric Lederhosen (Vienna lager)
The Brewtorium (Austin) | SHAzacca (IPA)
Brigadoon Brewery & Brew School (Plantersville) | Green Ogre IPA (Imperial IPA)
Brigadoon Brewery & Brew School (Plantersville) | Scottish (Scottish 60 Shilling)
Buffalo Bayou Brewing (Houston) | Crush City IPA (Mandarina & Mosaic IPA)
Buffalo Bayou Brewing (Houston) | Wake 'n Bake (Blonde Ale w/ Amaya Espresso & Madagascar Vanilla)

Caracara Brewing (Lockhart) | Lockhart Blonde (Blonde)
Caracara Brewing (Lockhart) | Plum Creek Porter (Robust Porter)
Celis Brewery (Austin) | Celis IPA (American IPA)
Celis Brewery (Austin) | Celis Juicy IPA (Hazy IPA)
Celis Brewery (Austin) | Celis Pale Bock (Amber Lager)
Celis Brewery (Austin) | Celis White (Belgian Witbier)
Circle Brewing (Austin) | Beto Beer (American Pale Ale)
Circle Brewing (Austin) | Blur Texas Hefe (South German Hefeweizen)
Community Beer Company (Dallas) | Mosaic IPA (India Pale Ale)
Community Beer Company (Dallas) | Silly Gose (Fruited Gose)
Community Beer Company (Dallas) | Texas Lager (Light Lager)
Community Beer Company (Dallas) | Witbier (Belgian White Ale)

Oskar Blues (Photo by Jana Birchum)
Deep Ellum Brewing (Dallas) | Dallas Blonde (Blonde Ale)
Deep Ellum Brewing (Dallas) | Easy Peasy IPA (Session IPA)
Deep Ellum Brewing (Dallas) | Neato Bandito (Mexican-style Lager)
Deep Ellum Brewing (Dallas) | Play Date (American Sour Blonde Ale)

Eureka Heights Brew Co. (Houston) | Buckle Bunny (Cream Ale)
Eureka Heights Brew Co. (Houston) | Mini Boss (IPA)

Family Business Beer Company (Dripping Springs) | Spree (Berliner Weisse)
Family Business Beer Company (Dripping Springs) | The Ocelot (Un-hazy IPA)
Flix Brewhouse (Round Rock) | Das Umlaut Oktoberfest (Marzen)
Flix Brewhouse (Round Rock | Nebulas Hazy IPA (New England IPA)
Flying Man Brewing (Pflugerville) | Auto Rotator Series IPA
Flying Man Brewing (Pflugerville) | Waterbomber Watermelon Wheat
Fredonia Brewery (Nacogdoches) | Invictus (New England IPA)
Fredonia Brewery (Nacogdoches) | Marzën
Freetail Brewing (San Antonio) | Bat Outta Helles (Munich Helles Lager)
Freetail Brewing (San Antonio) | Tadarida Oscura (Cascadian Dark IPA)
Freetail Brewing (San Antonio) | Old Bat Rastard (Winter Warmer)
Freetail Brewing (San Antonio) | Peach Bexarliner (Fruited Berliner)
Friends and Allies Brewing (Austin) | Bearliner (Blackberry Berliner weisse)
Friends and Allies Brewing (Austin) | Hike & Bike (Pale Lager)
Frontyard Brewing (Austin) | Coffee Milk Stout
Frontyard Brewing (Austin) | Rye IPA

Great Heights Brewing (Houston) | Fruity Pellets (New England IPA)
Great Heights Brewing (Houston) | Lager-ish (Kolsch)

Hi Sign Brewing (Austin) | Hi-C (American IPA)
Hi Sign Brewing (Austin) | Shamus The Fiddler (Irish Red)
Hi Sign Brewing (Austin) | The Astronaut (Double IPA)
Hi Sign Brewing (Austin) | Violet (Blueberry Blonde)
Holler Brewing (Houston) | Apriquat Sour (Kettle Sour w/ Fruit)
Holler Brewing (Houston) | Holler Dollar Pils Y'all (German Pilsner)
Hopfusion Ale Works (Fort Worth) | Feisty Blonde (Honey Vanilla Blonde)
Hopfusion Ale Works (Fort Worth) | Tejano Lager (Mexican Lager)
Hops & Grain Brewing (Austin) | A Pale Mosaic (Double Dry-hopped IPA)
Hops & Grain Brewing (Austin) | O-Fest Lager (Festbier)
Hops & Grain Brewing (Austin) | Pellets & Powder IPA
Hops & Grain Brewing (Austin) | River Beer (Premium American Lager)

Jester King Brewery (Austin) | Das Wunderkind! (Hoppy Farmhouse Blended-Saison)
Jester King Brewery (Austin) | Detritivore (Farmhouse Saison with Spent Cherries)

Künstler Brewing (San Antonio) | Cashmere (Hefeweizen)
Künstler Brewing (San Antonio) | Hawaiian Fog (American IPA)

Lakewood Brewing (Garland) | Lakewood IPA (American IPA)
Lakewood Brewing (Garland) | Temptress (Imperial Milk Stout)
Last Stand Brewing (Austin) | Fuzzieluscious (New England IPA)
Last Stand Brewing (Austin) | Pre-Prohibition Lager
Lazarus Brewing (Austin) | 40 Days and 40 Nights (IPA)
Lazarus Brewing (Austin) | Prodigal Pils (Pilsner)
Legal Draft Beer Co (Arlington) | Hung Jury (Hefewiezen)
Legal Draft Beer Co (Arlington) | Lawktoberfest (Festbier)
Live Oak Brewing (Austin) | Lichtenhainer
Live Oak Brewing (Austin) | Oaktoberfest (Festbier)
Lone Pint Brewery (Magnolia) | The Jabberwocky (Imperial India Pale Ale)
Lone Pint Brewery (Magnolia) | Tornado Shark (American Strong Ale)

Martin House Brewing (Fort Worth) | The Salty Lady (Gose)
Martin House Brewing (Fort Worth) | True Love (Raspberry Sour Ale)

No Label Brewing (Katy) | 1980 Kolsch
No Label Brewing (Katy) | Sittin' Sidehaze (New England IPA)
North by Northwest (Austin) | Bohemian Pils (Czech-style Pilsner)
North by Northwest (Austin) | Brutylicious (Brut IPA)
North by Northwest (Austin) | Mango Zombie (Fruited IPA)
North by Northwest (Austin) | Zombie Dragon (IPA)

Oak Highlands Brewery (Dallas) | Freaky Deaky (Belgian Tripel)
Oak Highlands Brewery (Dallas) | Oktoberfest (Marzen)
Oasis Texas Brewing (Austin) | Luchesa Lager (Unfiltered Pils)
Oasis Texas Brewing (Austin) | Protomodern IPA
Orf Brewing (Austin) | Oocheenama (Asian white ale)
Orf Brewing (Austin) | Salutation (Golden ale)
Oskar Blues Brewery (Austin) | Barrel Aged Barleywine
Oskar Blues Brewery (Austin) | Barrel Aged Ten Fidy (Imperial Stout)
Oskar Blues Brewery (Austin) | Dale's Pale Ale
Oskar Blues Brewery (Austin) | Mama's Lil Yella Pils (Pilsner)

Peticolas Brewing (Dallas) | Golden Opportunity (Kolsch)
Peticolas Brewing (Dallas) | Sit Down or I'll Sit You Down (Imperial IPA)
Pinthouse Pizza (Austin) | Hazed & Confused (Unfiltered IPA)
Pinthouse Pizza (Austin) | Nomura (Hazy Double IPA)

Rabbit Hole Brewing (Justin) | Shield Biter (Strong Scotch Ale)
Rabbit Hole Brewing (Justin) | Yankee Jester (New England IPA)
Rahr & Sons Brewing (Fort Worth) | Dadgum IPA (American IPA)
Rahr & Sons Brewing (Fort Worth) | Paleta De Mango (Fruit Beer)
Real Ale Brewing (Blanco) | Axis IPA (American IPA)
Real Ale Brewing (Blanco) | Cranberry Gose (German-style Gose with Cranberry)
Real Ale Brewing (Blanco) | Oktoberfest (Marzen)
Real Ale Brewing (Blanco) | Swifty APA (American Pale Ale)
Red Horn Coffee House & Brewing (Cedar Park) | Hoop Dreams (Helles Lager)
Red Horn Coffee House & Brewing (Cedar Park) | More Better Tropical Milkshake Double IPA
Rentsch Brewery (Georgetown) | Bourbon Barrel Stout
Rentsch Brewery (Georgetown) | Double Dry Hop IPA

Saint Arnold Brewing (Houston) | Art Car IPA (American IPA)
Saint Arnold Brewing (Houston) | Orange Show (Blood Orange Blonde Ale)
Saint Arnold Brewing (Houston) | Pumpkinator 2013 (Pumpkin Imperial Stout)
Saint Arnold Brewing (Houston) | Raspberry AF (Raspberry Berliner Weiss)
San Gabriel River Brewery (Liberty Hill) | Irish Coffee Porter (Robust Porter)
San Gabriel River Brewery (Liberty Hill) | Texas Red (Irish Red)
Save the World Brewing (Marble Falls) | Flamma Granatum (Blonde ale aged on pomegranates)
Save the World Brewing (Marble Falls) | Sol Vinum (Golden strong ale aged on syrah grapes)
Southern Heights Brewing (Austin) | Tahitian Dreamin (American IPA)
Southern Heights Brewing (Austin) | Where's My Flannel (English Mild Pub Ale)
Southern Star Brewing (Conroe) | Hecho en Conroe (Mexican Lager)
Southern Star Brewing (Conroe) | Oktoberfest (Marzen)
Spoetzl Brewery (Shiner) | Shiner Day Quencher (Session Ale)
Spoetzl Brewery (Shiner) | Shiner Wicked Juicy IPA
St Elmo Brewing (Austin) | Roxanne (Guava Sour)
St Elmo Brewing (Austin) | Vaughn (German Pilsner)
Suds Monkey Brewing (Dripping Springs) | Funky Monkey IPA
Suds Monkey Brewing (Dripping Springs) | Punk Monkey Porter

Texas Beer Company (Taylor) | Hoppy Duck (IPA)
Texas Beer Company (Taylor) | Pecos Amber Lager
Thirsty Planet Brewing (Austin) | Pail Head Pale Ale
Thirsty Planet Brewing (Austin) | Wizard Kitty (Passion Fruit Kettle Sour)
TUPPS Brewery (McKinney) | DDHIPA - Double Dry Hopped IPA (New England IPA)
TUPPS Brewery (McKinney) | Full Grown Jack (Pumpkin Spiced Imperial Stout)

Uncle Billy's Brewery (Austin) | Green Room (IPA)
Uncle Billy's Brewery (Austin) | Knuckleballer Kolsch

Vista Brewing (Driftwood) | Le Saison (Traditional Saison)
Vista Brewing (Driftwood) | Dark Skies (Schwarzbier)

Whitestone Brewery (Cedar Park) | Keyboard Gangsta (Hazy IPA)
Whitestone Brewery (Cedar Park) | Oktoberfest (Marzen)
Wild Acre Brewing (Fort Worth) | Wild Acre Super Hawk (Double IPA)
Wild Acre Brewing (Fort Worth) | Wild Acre Texas Blonde (Blonde Ale)
Woodcreek Brewing (Rockwall) | Highway 66 IPA (American India Pale Ale)
Woodcreek Brewing (Rockwall) | Lakeside Cerveza (Mexican-Style Ale)

Zilker Brewing (Austin) | Chaos Magic (Kettle Sour)
Zilker Brewing (Austin) | Heavenly Daze IPA (American IPA)

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