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Weekend Wine

By Wes Marshall, June 9, 2018, 5:07am, On the Range

One of the unexpected benefits of the Sideways-fueled passion for Pinot is that a lot of the grape has been planted in areas where the winemaker can’t rely on their vineyards to produce a dark red berry-looking wine. So they are left with a few options.


They can wait until the vines get older and more intense. Or, they can rip out the vines and plant Chardonnay or Pinot Blanc. Or, they can make rosé. Winemakers seldom try to achieve a rosé color with Pinot Noir because they can usually sell a dark red wine for more money.

We can be thankful for the few winemakers who do take the trouble to make a rosé from Pinot because it is delicious, from the inviting strawberry and raspberry aromas to the uncommonly rich mouthfeel.


The folks at Mt. Beautiful Winery in North Canterbury, New Zealand have decided to make a very nice rosé, one filled with the aforementioned berry scents as well as hints of peaches, and cherries along with a touch of floral perfume. This wine will really appeal to folks who love Pinot Noir, but are also wishing they could have something cold to drink on a picnic or the back porch. The price of $16 is medium for an imported rosé and low for a good quality Pinot Noir. Either way, try it with a goat cheese appetizer or a charcoaled salmon filet.

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