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18 of the Best Margarita Flavors in Austin

By Acacia Coronado, February 22, 2018, 5:00pm, On the Range

The spring sun may not be out yet, but look on the bright side: It’s National Margarita Day! With Austin’s plethora of boozy options, we selected 18 margaritas with a flavor twist that will pour some sunshine on your day. Try your favorite or tour them all. Just remember to call a rideshare.


Fonda San Miguel’s Silvercoin margarita – watermelon juice, Patron Silver, Cointreau, and fresh lime juice – is a perfect pairing for their world-class cochinita pibil.


ATX Cocina’s handshaken margaritas with extra agave syrup marry modern with classic. Try the delicious queso fundido (to soak up the liquor).

Blackberry Mint

Maudie’s margarita with blackberry & mint is sure to make anyone smile. Have two.


Pineapples symbolize a welcoming atmosphere, and La Condesa has exactly that. Their pineapple juice margarita is just the right amount of sweet and boozy.


If tequila isn’t your top choice, or you’re ready for an extra challenge, try mezcal. El Naranjo’s mezcal margarita is perfect for those looking for a little adventure.


Spring break vacation isn't too far away, y'all. Hecho en Mexico's sweet and spicy tamarind margarita will help you through these next few weeks.


Trudy’s sangria margarita is only one of their many flavor options, and rumor has it they're $2 all day Thu., Feb. 22.


Everything pairs well with avocado. Curra’s rich, creamy margaritas with a hint of avocado are basically health drinks.

Orange Juice

Named after Austin’s own UT mascot, the Longhorn, Guero’s orange juice-infused margarita will surely raise your (school) spirits.


Maybe avocado isn’t your thing, but you still want to keep those health-conscious New Year's resolutions. Try Hoover’s beet-infused margarita and let the rain wash away the guilt.


Matt’s El Rancho boasts spicy margaritas that will warm you up faster than the Texas sun in July, and their patio has one of the best happy hours in town.

La Tuna

You might wear pink on Wednesdays, but on Thursdays you drink it. If you order El Chile Cafe and Cantina’s dark pink prickly pear margarita, you can totally sit with us.

Strawberry Jalapeno

Searsucker’s strawberry margarita combines the best of both worlds with soothing sweetness followed by spicy punch.


When you're feeling Wino Forever, but you still want tequila, W Hotel Austin’s margarita with grapes solves at least that one issue. (Clearly you've still got some self-work to do though.)

Chili Powder

Take a break from the salted rim (if you must). El Alma Cafe y Cantina’s chili powder-rimmed margaritas chase down every sip with a hot kick.


Not only are the pomegranate margaritas from South Congress Cafe tasty, but letting the professionals deal with those juicy seeds saves your kitchen from looking like a bloody mess.


While we miss their lush green patio at the old location, Vivo's cucumber margarita is a longtime favorite that still does the trick.

House Plus

Eldorado Cafe's house margarita is already perfection with Cimarron Blanco, fresh lime juice, triple sec, and simple syrup. Throw in mango, prickly pear, or watermelon to make it extra.

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