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Will $2.13 Pale Ale Tip the Scales of Waitron Justice?

By Wayne Alan Brenner, January 17, 2018, 1:45pm, On the Range

Check that recently cleared 10-top in your section, pallie, and you might notice that Oasis Texas Brewing Company and local community forum In the Weeds have collaborated to create a beer called $2.13


In case you’re too busy refilling those child-ravaged condiment trays or attending to some other form of #@%! sidework – or maybe just dealing with the fucking credit card reader that’s on the fritz again – we’ll go ahead and mention that this new quaffable is called $2.13 as a nod to the federal minimum wage for tipped employees (as you’re too well aware) and is described as a Bantam Pale Ale with a 4% ABV. More personally, it’s a light and tasty brew from OTXBC and might be exactly the quencher you’re looking for after a double shift in which a tour bus from the First Church of Egregious Parsimony provided the dismal climax.

“A person who works for tips is a gambler, wagering their smile, personality, and hospitality to pay their bills,” says Kc Hensley, founder of In the Weeds and seemingly tireless advocate for service-industry workers. “This beer is a salute to our industry,” says Hensley.

Thus, we assume, the refreshing brew’s catchy “Rock Out When You Clock Out” slogan – which is a good suggestion for liquid relief, at least, in an industry predicated on low pay without any adjustment for cost of living since 1991.

And thus we alert you to the launch of this fine adult beverage – at Oasis Texas Brewing Company on Friday, Jan. 26, at 7pm.

But, for right now, back to crop-dusting those campers on Table 5, right?

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