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The Take-Out: August 1

By Brandon Watson, August 1, 2014, 3:30pm, On the Range

This weekend, we find out which side our bread is buttered on.

1) Survey Says
Noble Sandwich Co. is thinking about expanding their hours to dinner service, but only if you ask very, very nicely. You can have your say through an online survey – and be entered into a drawing to win lunch for you and your 10 BFFs. The survey runs through next Friday.

2) The Bean's the Thing
Houndstooth Coffee is putting a spin on the prix fixe. For $20, the Downtown location will be serving up a experimental coffee service at their experimental bar through August., Saturdays, 11am-5pm. If all the talk about "experimental" conjures up images of frankenjava, rest assured it's really just a way to suss out unexpected flavors and experiences from the familiar bean. And barista Gregory Alford will be there to walk you through it.

3) Saints Alive
We've had ants in our pants since the Uchi group announced they were opening a new pizza and bakeshop. This Saturday, you can get a first taste of St. Philip at the Sustainable Food Center's Sunset Valley farmer's market. The offerings will include croissants, a fresh take on pop tarts, fig danish twists, savory bialys, root beer snickerdoodles, and almond toscas. Chef Philip Speer will also be on hand performing amazing feats of ice cream molecular gastronomy. We hope you'll forgive us if we act less like saints than sinners.

4) From Squee to Shining Squee
Anyone who has ever shared a table at Lenoir is likely to agree that the atmosphere is just as curated as the menu. It comes as no surprise that owners Jessica Maher and Todd Duplechan would branch out to retail. Métier Cook's Supply, opening this Sunday at 11am, is filled with enough adorable kitchen miscellanea to make Anthropologie hang its head in shame. Think delicate shagreen wasabi graters, handstitched Short Stack cookbooks, and vintage tea sets. For the professional, there's a serious collection of knives and cult MOZO shoes. Aspiring Brillat-Savarins will no doubt bury their noses in Métier's selection of international magazines.

5) A Chip on the Old Block
The folks behind this Saturday's White Linen Night block party, benefiting the Austin Food and Wine Alliance, are resolute in their devotion to small bites. The chips come house made with curried eggplant dip from the W Austin Living Room or topped with a prime filet medallion and peppercorn gravy from Bob's Steak and Chop House. The cupcakes are honey lavender or strawberry basil from Delish. Even Frank's classic Jackelope dog gets a new, deconstructed spin. Plus, there's nibbles from the Bonneville, Cru, Malaga, and more – with plentiful pairings from local vineyards. Best of all, the tickets are a steal.

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