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Wines of the Week

By Wes Marshall, July 4, 2014, 4:05pm, On the Range

Everyone has their own tastes and preferences. I happen to love the wines that come from all of the areas you can see on the map below, most especially the reds of Piedmont and the whites of Alto Adige and Friuli.

Also near and dear are the wines of the Veneto. The magnificent Amarones and Ripassos are shockingly huge and extracted, but they also tend to work wonders with our grilled meats. The white Soaves from this area are classic combinations of green apples, flowers, and dense minerality. One of our favorite wineries from the region is Cantina di Soave, maker of the Borgo Rocca Sveva wines.

Their wines are fairly priced. The Rocca Sveva Soave is $14, the Ripasso is $18, and the Amarone is $60. The Soave and Ripasso are ready to drink today, but anyone who buys the Amarone should be prepared to lay it down in a constant level place (i.e., a cave or wine cooler) for at least 10 years. Borgo Rocca Sveva wines are available at select H-E-B locations, though your local wine seller can always order them.

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