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The North Door's Got Game

By Rachel Feit, April 16, 2014, 11:30am, On the Range

So you haven’t got your menu planned out for this season’s viewing of Game of Thrones? What, you cancelled your HBO account because it was costing too much cheddar? Don’t worry, the North Door’s got you covered. They are hosting viewing parties on Sundays this season, complete with themed cocktails and thin crust pizzas.

Geek out with a Take the Black-berry Lemonade or a minty White Walker, which will only set you back a measly two golden dragons if you show up in costume. Start polishing up on house trivia to win prizes, but more importantly, bragging rights for your command of Westeros lore.

During the first episode of season four, the North Door suffered a series of Harrenhal-esque setbacks when rain leaked in through the roof, damaging the Door’s cable box. As it became apparent that the show would not go on at 8pm as planned, the packed house cleared faster than the Twins after the Red Wedding. But those who stayed around were eventually rewarded with a season premiere that saw the maimed Jaime Lannister return to Kings Landing only to be rejected by a scornful Cersei, and little Arya Stark earn some serious assassin cred as she cooly skewered Polliver through the neck. Episode two, which the North Door aired this past Sunday, went off without a hitch, with the audience cheering as (spoiler alert) the sneering King Joffrey choked to death during his own wedding festivities. With his dying gesture, Joffrey pointed a bloody j’accuse finger at perennial whipping boy, Uncle Tyrion, setting the stage for more drama to come.

If we’ve learned anything from Game of Thrones so far, it is to avoid getting married, or even attending a wedding, for that matter. It just never ends well for anyone.

There’s no cover for entrance to any of the North Door’s Game of Thrones Sunday screenings. While specialty sausages might seem a more appropriate culinary pairing for the show’s generous referencing of pendulous meat, both figurative and literal (I envision something along the lines of Tyrion’s Bangers, Theon’s Spicy Greyjoy, and Hodor’s Footlong Frank), I guess we’ll all have to make do with the North Door kitchen’s crusty pizza pies for munchies.

Game of Thrones Viewing Parties

Sundays until June 15; doors at 6:30pm/TV at 8pm

No cover

North Door

502 Brushy, 512/485-3002

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