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Free Chocolate!

By Kate Thornberry, April 15, 2014, 12:50pm, On the Range

When national frozen yogurt giant Pinkberry moved in across the street, local yogurt shop Froyoyo felt the pinch. Owners Joan and Dave Duce decided to expand their store in a totally different direction: craft chocolate.

Craft chocolate is a term currently used to single out a very narrow slice of the chocolate industry: It applies only to small, independent chocolate makers, who use traditional processes to take chocolate all the way from the unroasted cacao bean to the finished product. Sometimes called “bean-to-bar” chocolate, craft chocolate is usually single-source (beans from a particular plantation or area). Craft chocolate tends to have a complexity and finish that is completely lacking in most industrially made chocolate.

Froyoyo now has an entire “wall of chocolate”, all of it American craft chocolates from award-winning and critically acclaimed companies. The represented chocolate makers include Raaka (Brooklyn, N.Y.), Patric (Columbia, Mo.), Dick Taylor (Arcata, Calif.), Taza (Somerville, Mass.), Amano (Orem, Utah), Madre (Honolulu, Hawaii), Fruition (Shokan, N.Y.), French Broad (Asheville, N.C.), Askinosie (Springfield, Mo.), Videri (Raleigh, N.C.) and Texas’ own Tejas (Spring, Texas) and Kiskadee (Austin, Texas).

Adrienne Newman (also known as “Madam Cocoa”), who teaches the famous chocolate appreciation class, Chocolate 101, through UT's Informal Courses, says "Froyoyo has the finest selection of American craft chocolate in Texas." 

Austinite Laura Atlas, maker of Kiskadee Chocolates, will present a pop-up chocolate-tasting event at Froyoyo this Wednesday, April 16, from 5-7pm. Atlas will be giving out samples of her six flavors of bean-to-bar chocolate, made from cacao beans from the Dominican Republic. All of Kiskadee’s bars are organic and single-origin. Flavors include Fruity+Nutty (pistachio/tart dried cherry), Salty+Nutty (sea salt/almond), Rich+Nibby (cacao nibs), Dark+Creamy (60% dark), Dark+Bold (85% dark), and Hot+Spicy (cinnamon/cayenne). All of the Kiskadee Chocolate bars are very intense and satisfying; the first time I tried them, their coolness and complexity made me feel as if I had never truly tasted chocolate before. If you happen to be in Rollingwood Wednesday evening, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to sample Kiskadee’s wares.

Chocolate Tasting

Wednesday, April 16 5-7pm


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