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Tickety-Boo Tasty!

By Jessi Cape, August 8, 2013, 2:45pm, On the Range

After sampling Crabbie's Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer a few days ago, and subsequently discovering the YouTube rabbit hole filled with branding campaign characters George and Camilla, I wish with all my heart for another spiffing bottle. It's really very delicious.

Surprise! Crabbie's, the tasty Scottish bottled beer, has only been stateside for a little over a year, and has finally made its way to Texas. Tonight at Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant (214 West 4th), Crabbie's USA is hosting a tasting party from 8pm -10pm. Fado will pour Crabbie's in a glass as originally intended ($4), and also twist things up with Crabbie's cocktails ($7). Plus, for a more global compliment, the kitchen will be serving Crabbie's Ginger Asian Wings ($4).

This "only for grown-ups" beverage is 4.8% alcohol by volume, and it originated in Scotland in 1801. John Crabbie concocted a secret recipe that includes fermentation of imported high-quality ginger, and an eight week steeping time. The result is crispy and effervescent, a little bit spicy, and just enough sweet. If you're a fan of nonalcoholic ginger beer, this is similar, with a revved up twang. It's perfectly refreshing for the Austin August heat, and I can imagine drinking it year-round (maybe even adding it into some wassail this "winter").

Crabbie's is recommended served chilled over ice with a slice of lemon (or lime), and this method is ideal as it cuts the sweetness that might prove too, well, intoxicating for some. The lucky Scots also have Crabbie's available in flavors such as Spiced Orange, Raspberry, and Strawberry & Lime, but the US will not see these imported anytime soon.

The Crabbie's USA Facebook page already boasts 11,792 fans anxious to find out where the tasty brew is available.

Enjoy a little Christmas Ginger Spirit in August:

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