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'What the Fuck Should I Drink?'

By Wes Marshall, July 29, 2013, 10:00am, On the Range

Have a friend that simply must throw the word "fuck" onto every single sentence? We’ve found the ideal cocktail book just for them!

Zach Golden is the author of the blog After drawing a large audience gifted with what is presumably a single word vocabulary, Running Press offered him a deal on a cookbook. That book was sufficiently popular that all involved saw the necessity of a new book, this time focusing on cocktail recipes, called What the Fuck Should I Drink? (Running Press, 152 pp., $15)

Now let me start by saying that the drinks in this book are well-known and the recipes are classics, so I certainly wouldn’t diss it on its utility. The obvious schtick, the thing to get folks to drop $15, is the liberal use of the word, “fuck.” It’s in virtually every sentence. The book also goes to great pains to be as funny as possible, in an Andrew Dice Clay kind of way. For instance,

Recollect your bout of Chlamydia with a fucking Stinger

2 ½ ounces Brandy

½ ounce crème de menthe

The stinger has been called a whore’s drink, which must preclude semen from being considered a beverage. Add the brandy and crème de menthe to a fucking shaker glass and, just like when you got that promotion, down the hatch.

You get the idea. Only you know if you have a friend that will enjoy this book. And, by the way, it is gorgeously designed and spiral bound to make sure it will stay open while your friend is laughing his ass off. Perhaps you might consider also giving him a copy of Gravity’s Rainbow, Infinite Jest, or even A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream for a few handy, easy to read tomes that prove other words can be equally useful. Mr. Golden’s book hits the shelves on Tuesday, July 30. Bibliophiles who appreciate the great laws of Karma will instantly grasp that this book must be and is in fact available at Urban Outfitters.

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