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Sicilian Pizza Mondays at Home Slice

By Virginia B. Wood, May 27, 2013, 12:30pm, On the Range

Who says you can't trust Mondays? Austin's Queen of Pies, Home Slice Pizza, chose the Monday considered to be the official beginning of summer to announce a Monday-only pizza deal that's good all summer.

It's no secret the folks at Home Slice Pizza take the authenticity of their New York-inspired, Neapolitan-style round pies very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that they close up shop every fall and make an annual pilgrimage to NYC to taste pizza and immerse their employees in New York's Italian-immigrant neighborhood culinary experiences.

This summer, they'll be offering another style of pizza as an homage to the square pies that originated in New York City's Sicilian immigrant community. "We knew we wanted to serve Sicilian pie at some point because it's just so legit New York-style and a great compliment to our round New York-Neapolitan pies," says co-owner Jen Strickland. "We tasted Sicilian slices all over New York and in other big cities with Italian immigrant populations, in preparation for developing our own deliciously authentic version."

The Sicilian pies will be remarkably different from what we've come to expect at Home Slice: the square crust resembles focaccia in style and texture, with a soft top and a crisp bottom that's been dusted with a little cornmeal and fried in olive oil for crunch. In keeping with Sicilian style, the Provolone, Mozzarella, and Romano will be layered beneath the flavorful house sauce and the thicker pies will take a few more minutes to emerge from the oven.

Beginning Monday, June 3, the special Sicilian pizza deal includes both plain cheese and pepperoni slices ($3.50/$3.75) and whole pies ($22 for 9 slices) every Monday until they are sold out. This deal is good every Monday, all summer long.

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