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Farmers Market Report: February 2-3

By Kate Thornberry, February 1, 2013, 9:01am, On the Range

The weather is going to be gorgeous this weekend, sunny and breezy.

We had a few hot days last week before that blessed cool front arrived, and it caused many farmers to harvest their broccoli immediately, because when it gets warm enough those broccoli heads become one big yellow flower overnight. Two Happy Children Farm had an enormous haul of impressive heads, and will likely have the same this week.


Dewberry Hills Chicken will be at both the Sunset Valley and Downtown Markets this Saturday. They had some feral hog action this last week, but fortunately no chickens were injured. Ultimately, five feral hogs were taken out of the equation. Nice Work!


Kitchen Pride Mushrooms is bringing some fantastic crops of fresh mushrooms to the markets these days; the Oyster mushrooms, Portabellas, and Shiitakes couldn’t be fresher or more abundant. Every Saturday they sell at Barton Creek and Downtown.


IO Ranch Lamb, in addition to selling what I consider to be the finest cut of meat available at any market, the lamb sirloin, have added soup bones to their line-up. Sometimes a farmer or rancher’s product is so excellent, they seem bound to succeed; IO Ranch Lamb is one of these lucky few, their lamb is so outstanding. They sell out every weekend, despite constantly adding to their flocks.

Back from being a judge at the Good Food Awards, Stephanie McClenny of Confituras is back at the Markets. This weekend she has prepared Orange and Chile Arbol Marmalade, Rio Star Grapefruit and Vanilla Bean Jam, Fig and Walnut Conserve, and Persian Lime Curd. Sunset Valley and Downtown.


Speaking of the Good Food Awards, Austin’s Pogue Mahone Pickles won in the Craft Pickles category, and, metaphorically speaking, brought the blue ribbon home to Austin. These award-winning pickles, available in three varieties (Fresh Dill and Garlic, Jalapeno Mint, and Ginger Habanero) can be purchased at the Cedar Park, Meuller,  Barton Creek and Lakeway Farmers Markets.


For your Super Bowl delectation, Dai Due Butcher Shop will be selling not only hot dogs (Venison Hot Dogs,made with BAR venison and Twin Oaks pork, finely ground and seasoned with coriander, paprika, garlic and honey) but chicken wings (Confit Chicken Wings: Dewberry Hills Farm chicken wings, first cured with salt, sugar, bay leaves and thyme, then slowly braised in lard until very tender). In addition to biscuits and gravy, breakfast tacos and Cafe de Olla, Jesse will be serving Antelope Burgers and Rabbit Gumbo this weekend.


If you are planning on chips and dips for Superbowl Sunday, don’t forget a bag of Blanco Valley Chips from Barton Creek Market. These handmade, organic corn chips, fried in coconut oil, are absolutely tops! Quite possibly the best tortilla chips in America.


In abundance this week: Spinach, carrots, green onions, lettuce, mesclun mix, beets, cabbage, turnips, radishes, cilantro, sweet potatoes, chard, and kale. Hothouse tomatoes and cucumbers available from some vendors. Fruit is still limited to citrus form Johnson’s Backyard Garden (all markets) and Strawberries from STAR (Barton Creek Market).


See you at the market!

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