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Lily Pad Farm Offers Free Aquaponics Seminar

By Kate Thornberry, January 15, 2013, 5:55pm, On the Range

You might have read about Lily Pad Farm in the Farmers Market Report that appears here weekly.

Lily Pad Farm sells at the Barton Creek Market, and specializes in absolutely stunning lettuces and basil, as well as fresh little Tilapia filets that are amazing for making “Fish n’ Chips” at home. The farm is an aquaponic one, meaning that the plants are grown in a water and nutrient solution in large greenhouses. The tilapia live in the water the plants grow in, providing natural balance. It is a fantastic system. In fact, Lily Pad Farm’s original name was Global Aquaponics, and owner Adam Harwood is passionate about aquaponic farming, especially here in Texas where there is so much sunshine, and no water to be wasted. On Saturday, January 26th, Harwood will be offering a free seminar in aquaponic farming ( a $220 value). The seminar will include a Powerpoint presentation and a hands-on lecture on “Deep Water Raft-Culture” aquaponic farming. Harwood promises to deliver a no-nonsense presentation full of hard-to-find information, including an overview of his own mistakes and learning curve, as well as the minimal “zen approach” method he relies on today. Space is limited, so reserve a space early if you can. Call Brite Ideas Hydroponics on South Congress at 512 444 2100, or email Harwood at for a reservation. The seminar will begin at noon and will last a few hours. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in aquaponics!

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