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Glenmorangie's Dr. Bill Lumsden

By Wes Marshall, November 21, 2012, 12:25pm, On the Range

Recently, we were pleased to have the opportunity to meet and interview one of Scotland’s great whisky makers. Dr. Bill Lumsden is the Director of Whisky Creation and Distilling for Glenmorangie (glen-MORE-AN-gee).

Single malt aficionados will already be aware that the label is consistently one of Scotland’s most awarded whiskies. But not that many folks have had the chance to meet the man behind these delicious drinks. Here is an 18 minute interview with Dr. Lumsden. I hope you find him as delightful as I did.

Just like any other drink, different folks have varying tastes. Some prefer the huge, peaty aromas of a traditional Scotch whisky, like Laphroaig from Islay. Others favor the lightly aromatic whiskies. Personally, I like to have some of both on hand. I love Glenmorangie’s Lasanta before a meal. After a meal, I like the traditional peaty style of Ardbeg’s whiskies. Luckily, you can learn which style and brand fits your tastes because we have our very own certified Scotch whisky fanatic right here in town in the person of Opal Divine’s Michael Parker. He has designed ways to help the novice learn about whisky.

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