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'Texas Monthly' Seeks Submissions for Top Barbecue Joints

By Virginia B. Wood, October 30, 2012, 3:45pm, On the Range

Texas Monthly's barbecue experts are about to hit the road in search of our state's top 50 barbecue joints, an expedition they pursue every five years in preparation of the definitive list of Texas barbecue royalty. So if you've discovered the heir to Snow's or this year's Aaron Franklin, Pat Sharpe wants to know all about it.

If you've discovered a place that definitely belongs on the Top 50 list, log on to Pat's blog here and share the name, address, phone number, website (if any), and hours of operation of your discovery in addition to descriptions of your favorite dishes, and she will consider it for the list.

There's no need to suggest the legendary Central Texas barbecue temples or new hotshots such as Franklin's and JMueller's; you can rest assured those places will definitely get a visit. What Sharpe is really looking for is someplace new (or old) but as yet undiscovered by all except the most die-hard (or well-informed) barbecue zealots.

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