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Austin-Based Code 4 Helping Local Government and Businesses Reopen Safely

, July 7, 2020, 4:00am, Events Blog

To my fellow Austin residents & business owners,

My name is Scott Davidson. I am a native Austinite, as well as the Founder and President of Code 4: an Austin-owned business that provides event safety management and emergency services. As the grandson to the former Austin City Manager, Dan Davidson, service to this wonderful city has always been in my blood. My grandfather embodied the spirit of Austin. With his warm smile, ready handshake, and trademark "anything I can do to help you?", anyone in his presence was the most important person in the world. His legacy personifies what Austin means to me and serves as a constant reminder to be of service.

We started our company to protect people so they could gather to celebrate life and experience the spirit of community safely. We work behind the scenes coordinating the community, local government, and the entertainment industry to provide a safe memorable experience . Over the years, Austin has entrusted and relied on Code 4 to keep them safe while attending the city's most iconic events, including those produced by Circuit of the Americas, SXSW, and C3 Presents.

In today’s world, our team’s efforts are constantly shifting in support of our community in the midst of a crisis. Code 4 continues to lead our entertainment clients in their response and recovery efforts to gather safely and plan for the future. We also serve on the “Opening Central Texas for Business Task Force”, to set public health priorities while advising elected and public health officials on strategies to thoughtfully and safely reopen our regional economy.

Each day (and night) Code 4 fields calls from members of our community who want to stay safe and do the right thing, but are confused by conflicting information and how it applies to their own unique situation. The reality is that most individuals, companies, and even public officials are simply not equipped with the expertise, training, or resources to navigate the complex public safety challenges we are facing.

To best support local organizations in efforts to protect against and mitigate the impacts of COVID-19, in addition to our existing Medical/Emergency Services resources, our team launched Code 4 Decon. Since launching in March, our biohazard specialists have become the trusted vendor partner for government agencies, first responder organizations, and businesses. Our services include procurement support, medical solutions, consulting, preventative cleaning + antimicrobial protection, and COVID-19 contamination response. Our goal is to pair our clients with cost-effective solutions to maintain operations and safeguard their success.

It is our job at Code 4 to help you, your organization, and your team members be prepared to meet the ever-evolving and extraordinary challenges that lie ahead. We created this company because of our passion to keep people safe and we really love the challenge of doing so, especially when the pressure is on. Whether managing a music festival with 100,000+ screaming fans, or working with a local business trying to make ends meet while honoring public health, Code 4 is here to help.

Public safety is my true passion and I am proud to say that over the last six years, my team at Code 4 has built a reputation for being a go-to resource and leading expert in emergency services and public safety. We enjoy working with local businesses, government agencies, and events of all sizes to help ensure its residents and patrons stay safe. We continue to stand ready to provide our clients with comprehensive crisis management services to handle any emergency.

Please reach out to me directly with any questions concerning public safety, or your response to COVID-19. You can reach me at, or learn more about our work at

Please be safe and take care of one another.

Scott Davidson, Austinite

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